Cricket Part III


Rubbish bowling, all leg side or short trash and rightfully dispatched.


Starc bowling absolute poo right now.


All the good work gone, I can’t believe the rubbish bowled since tea.


Astonishing from cummins


Cummins with an unbelievable run out


australia’s fielding/catching has been fantastic all day.


for all the good work and might i say bad batting 250 is about 70 more then they should of got…

typical of the modern day batsmen who go hard at the ball and in indias case are you quintessential flat track bullies…

ok to play on the up wide and flashy on flat tracks but an extra bit of pace and bounce shows them up!

unfortunately they reverted back to short wide ■■■■ bowling in the latter stages when good length bowling did the damage1


TBF, it was the end of a long very hot day in the field, the bowlers would be knackered.

So often happens late in the day with a new ball, you kind of relax and back off on effort thinking the agate’s going to do all the work, and when it doesn’t, it’s too late and you’re too fkd and tired mentally to get things back on a dime.

Nearly killed me on site today being so suddenly hot from pretty cold, and it was cooler here, and I could get in the shade at times.

All in all, a good effort from the attack, … it’s them other guys that need to fire up now, I can’t see where the runs will be coming from though.


Very noticeable from being there that Paine got it right early but botched it badly late with his field placings


No short rubbish or tripe down the leg side would have helped with a new ball.


Up to the skipper to drag them.


All set up for the frustrating 10th wicket rearguard tomorrow. Used to happen to us in the good old days.


Wonder if we’ll crack 200?


Our batting line up is diabolical. Really needed to skittle them for 150.


I reckon our batting will be fine against their bowlers on this pitch.
400 coming up.


I was thinking the pitch also started to pull up a bit late in the day, … I doubt it will be lifeless, but I think it will have a lot less to offer than it did today.

May have been just atmospheric, but maybe it will be a prime batting wicket tomorrow, … maybe,

Christ knows we’d need it so.


It’s Adelaide. If it offers anything it will be on the first day and the 5th day for the tweakers. That’s why I liked it being a day night venue. We should be able to take full advantage of an absolute runway tomorrow and day three. All up to our bats holding nerve. Certainly no hurry. Not sure modern cricketers know what that means. Pujara aside in this case.


I have no doubt the opening bowlers will get it to move around a bit.
If our top four can avoid playing the stupid flashy shots outside off like the Indian batsmen did, then the heat is gonna take the sting out of the bowlers and it should be a good track.
Big if, though.


Can see a lot of half shots and edges tomorrow from us. Might be some dropped catches though.


Yep, if Australia can get through the new ball relatively unscathed. I think they could easily post 300 plus.

Wouldn’t suprise me at all if Usman makes a ton. Just seems perfect for him considering everything that has happened