Cricket Part III


Punter joining the coaching panel for the World Cup with Graeme Hick focusing on the Ashes.


They must have finally upped the money


He has done some part time stuff before. When he says he wants the job full time, it’s his to walk into.


hope merv isn’t poms bowling coach


Saker out.
Would’ve been on good coin, and they don’t seem to be replacing him.


Cooley for now.


Ponting has a good relationship with Short and Maxwell, both of whom we need to fire if we are to win the tournament.


Hopefully Wade also


Who was already there as vice manager of group target performance management, or something.


Stars doing their best to slow Stoinis down after he was on pace for 150


Now he is on track to go for 100 off his bowling!
Just flicked over and saw him go for 24 off his first over


94 off the powerplay. Carnage.


Maxwell goes for 22 off his first over now. Some big hitting but still find it hard to get into


Chased 158 in 10 overs with none down :open_mouth:


I just flicked on to the Aust cricket site and saw the score - WTF!!!


Ben Cutting!?!

Holy Moly


Thank goodness I didn’t see the game, just saw the score. Just pathetic. Only the stars could Make 2 of the worst teams in the comp look like world beaters.

If we had won the last 2 games we would most likely have a home final, now we might not even make the finals and if we do we will go out in the semi’s


Have they not got some sort of Equalisation methods in place for this hit & giggle thing yet?

Was on at a mates place last night, and I couldn’t believe they could have such a lop sided result in these games.



Every time a batter scores he goes to the bottom of the batting order. A team is dismissed after three wickets fall.


Cutting is an incredibly clean ball-striker. There are few better when he’s in the zone and hitting straight down the ground.