Cricket Part III


Great knock from Maxi 82 from 43 when the stars looked gone. In with a chance now.


Sixers have imploded


Fair old catch at slip by Maxwell. Junior Waugh-like.


I got excited when I saw the name and did some checking myself! Disappointed to find out he wasn’t related. He does have nephew who has played for Uganda though.


So Pakistan Railways doesn’t do it for you?


All they had to do the Sixers, is not lose by more the 60 runs to finish 2nd and get a home final. It is very funny to see them implode. Now they will have to play the Renegades in Melbourne.


Welcome back to the thread! You were missed over the summer.


Please please please turf Ben dunk into the nearest bin. He is absolutely awful.


Terrible season of BBL for him, suspect it will be his last.


Absolutely demolished Friday night to the 5th place team. Then completely embarrass the 2nd place team two days later. Fk everything up except for the bare minimum needed to make the finals.


Watch them get fisted by the Hurricanes in the semi. As is tradition.


It seems odd, and wrong, that 4th plays finals with 50/50 win-loss and negative NRR

Even 2nd and 3rd are only 8 & 6 and basically zero NRR.

for whatever reason or reasons, just hasn’t been a strong season.


Renshaw has signed with Kent for the upcoming county season.




Am I the only one who legit sees Renshaw making a double century in England?
Edit: Not this season.


I do. He is class. I just hope he pours on the runs in the 2nd half of the shield season and early English summer. The selectors want to pick him, he just needs to give them a reason!


I don’t see the accolades for Renshaw. As far as we know, he just had a purple patch before the bowlers all over the country worked him out. He’s hardly made a red-ball run the last two seasons…at least in the first half of those seasons.

Admittedly, the bowlers have probably worked out Burns and Harris too…certainly the Marshes and possibly Head too.


He dominated in the county championship last year and was on the verge of a recall when he got injured.

Aside from having the temperament for test cricket and batting long periods of time, the most pleasing thing I’ve seen from him is his capacity to develop batting plans for different conditions and bowling. The maturity to do that at such a young age is a huge tick IMO.

He was averaging above >40 in 1st Class Cricket at the start of the season with 10 hundreds in his 1st ~40 games.


This thread moves pretty fast. I’ve probably missed it. But why is Usman in most teams?

I could not think of a bloke who escapes scrutiny more than him. If he had not made that 100, people would want his head. That 100 meant absolutely nothing against a team who had given up

It’s time to look past him. At the very least, drop him


Ive been saying that to anyone who would listen. If his name was Usman Marsh he’d be public enemy #1.


Too far.