Cricket Part III


Because there is no way that CA will not give him a position in the team for the moment.

I agree he shouldn’t be in the team, and I agree the last 100 shouldn’t automatically give him a pass. However he will be there so you may as well build the other positions correctly.


I don’t discount many tons.
A ton is a ton for me, usually.
Don’t care how many chances.
But that was gifted, and should be completely ignored.


I think with Khawaja the thing is he is a good player who forgot how to bat for most of the summer. After his last innings century he made reference to the issues caused by his brother’s arrest - I don’t think we fully appreciate the personal angst this would have caused him.

For me he keeps his place come the 1st Ashes test. Playing ODI cricket is a completely different issue. Also he should be nowhere near the slips cardon.


where else do you hide him in the field then?


In tests? Mid on or mid off. Anywhere but the ■■■■■■ slips


the pine? problem is he’s bad athletically as he is catching in the slips/

How in the wide world did take that catch in the 1st test.


In the stands


Answered your own question.
Career saving ton.
Really needs to start the Ashes well, too.


So Lawson has made a claim that Langer wanted Saker out from the day he first started and wants his own men in place.

Boof claims that’s crap and that Langer and Saker got on well and Saker left because he was sick of the constant travel.


Do we really care? He’s gone. Move on. We have far greater issues than worrying about why a former bowling coach left.


Geoff is well and truly at Neil Harvey levels of rent a quote. Gimme all the headlines.


Fingers crossed Pat Cummins wins the Alan Border medal tonight. He deserves it.


awards more fixed than the brownlow if he doesn’t, deserves it for being the only player to turn up against india.


Who thought it was a great idea to give Jason Richardson the main MC gig? Guy is stupid.


Male ODI player of the year Marcus Stoinis (13 matches, 376 runs at 28.92; 13 wickets at 36.77)

Female ODI player of the year Alyssa Healy (6 matches, 329 runs at 54.83)

Betty Wilson young cricketer of the year Georgia Wareham

Bradman young cricketer of the year Will Pucovski

Test player of the year Nathan Lyon (10 matches, 49 wickets at 34.80)


Wasn’t sure if l’d turn it on for a look. Now l’m sure l wont.


Men’s Domestic POTY: Matty Wade


Men’s International T20 POTY: Maxwell
Female: Healy


Explains why we only won 2 of 11 games in 2018. Our best player averaged more with the ball than bat. Above 30 with the ball and below 30 with the bat. Kind of need that to be the other way around


Healy the Belinda Clark Medalist