Cricket Part III


can richo just ■■■■ off?


AB medal to Pat Cummins. So pleased for him. His injuries were so crippling. However some time away from cricket has given him a fantastic outlook and a much balanced understanding of what cricket is all about. Very different to a lot of other modern players.

He Looks like the perfect kind of person you would want to have marry into your family!


Last night was terrible terrible television. So half baked. Nobody had any idea what was going on. So so bad.


Worst one yet by far.


It had that familiar Channel 7 stain. It was horrendous.


Hopefully they can do the same with Patto as they have done with Cummins


Speaks volumes that Aaron Finch was only one good game away from winning the AB medal


Finch playing all 3 formats certainly would have helped.


Heard on the radio this morning about the medals handed out last night and thought to myself, ‘Our cricketers are receiving medals?’


So SL were terrible when they played us and it puts an * beside anything we achieved. What does that mean for South Africa?


Yep. SA bowled out for 0, because runs against SL don’t count.
Good turnaround for the SL quicks - although probably worth noting Lakmal is back in, who was good in Brisbane before injury.

SA went with the 4 quicks + Maharaj, so a pretty lengthy tail.

SA are not much better than us now IMO. although you would expect they’ll eventually turn this series around.


Stars need 154 to win. Expect them to choke it massively


wheres snicko?


also mark waugh is a total gronk


That was dumb Maddison! You had already scored a stack off that over, just push the singles!!


Don’t know what the ump saw or heard. Only the bowler appealing and no apparent sound or deflection.


Another awful umpiring decision against us, so nothing new this tournament.

I have an awful feeling in my stomach that we are going to bottle this


15 to win from 17 balls.

Maxi at the crease, would be remarkable to lose from here. Really have little faith for them to win unless Maxwell is there when then final run is hit


Come on boys see this home!!


gotch has batted so smart