Cricket Part III


Pujara shows that test match batting is a different kettle of fish. I have a feeling the rest of the Indian batsmen had a pre-planned approach to be aggressive (to the point of being stupidly so).


No, they just did what they always do, which is drive hard outside their off stump to balls that aren’t quite half volleys. In India, those are flashing to the extra cover boundary for 4 because the low slow bounce doesn’t bring about the edges. In Aus that good length isn’t there to drive early, especially when the ball is moving. Rahane was particularly loose.


It wasn’t a feeling. Asa or whatever her name is stated that Kholi had advised the team to go out hard as he believes that is the best way to counter the bowling side, if you get on top they collapse. It didn’t work on this pitch.


I thought that was a specific plan for Lyon rather than a broader strategy?


Wider strategy


well that is ■■■■■■■ stupid on the 1st morning of a test on Australian pitches. what a ■■■■■■■ moron.


The point that most Indian fans fail to admit to is that the cricket team is one of global sports’ most over-celebrated under achievers (EDIT: when playing abroad). There is this vicious cycle of celebrating the individual because the collective is crap.

I may be over-reacting but as I said 4 years ago, 7 years ago etc “I have seen this movie before”.


I’d point you to our record away from home…


…and you wouldn’t find a Test country we hadn’t won a series in.
Maybe the Arab Emirates?


Only the really great teams generally have good records away from home. eg. Windies in their hey day. Australia in the 90’s and 00’s.

India is a good solid team, but nowhere near great.


Haven’t won in England in ~18 years. Have won once in India in 50 years. Lost in South Africa this year. Haven’t beaten Pakistan away in ■■■■ knows how long. Drew in Bangladesh last year. Anyone Australian cricket fan casting aspersions at India (or anyone else’s) away record is a massive case of glass houses.

The place we’ve consistently been able to win away from home if note has been South Africa and we all know what happened to that this year… Not to mention that they also consistently beat us on our home soil over the last decade.


Agreed. Nobody can win away from home at the moment. Potting anyone else for that is ridiculous.

And yes, I’m completely disregarding away wins against minnow opposition like the Windies and NZ.


Yes, but we haven’t been very good for a long time.
Surely our away record against South Africa is better than theirs here?

Anyway, this is silly.
You were the one who brought up away records.
India’s never won a series here.
And they’ve had some damn good teams.

Interestingly, we’re not a million miles from India on the Test Rankings.
I’m not saying it means everything, but it must mean something.

I’m disappointed NZ have crashed at home to Pakistan, or they’d be up and amongst it, too.


Um what? We;re ■■■■■■■ miles off them, 14 ratings points is a loooooong way back.


Put a 3-1 or 3-0 result to us and see how far away we are.


Actually I wasn’t. Old mate suggested they’re one of the most underachieving teams in world sport because they can’t win away. I merely pointed out that our record away is just as shithouse.


Fair point.
Still though, it’s not.


Would still be 4 points behind.


My computer says it’s one.


Just did the calculator on the website. 4 points for a 3-1 result, 1 point for 3-0 result. But we are not winning 3 tests this series for a start…