Cricket Part III


Vics are 6/64 also.
Just watched a few dismissals in the QLD v SA game and the pitch or ball aren’t to blame. Reckon atleast 14 of the wickets are due to pathetic shots with no patience. The ball that Trav got out to would have nearly been called a wide


Now 8/82 after winning the toss and electing to bat.
Hmm… that worked out well…


Batting skills for Australian batsmen have to be at an all time low.


That’s because it’s no longer called batting - batting requires technique, patience and persistence


Did Victoria drop Tremain? Should definitely be playing ahead of Siddle.


Vice bowled out for 106.
NSW were 0/67, then lost 7/20. Now 7/97 at stumps.
Holland 5/27


I suspect they call it resting. Siddle would probably crack the sads unless he opens the bowling, downhill and with the breeze.


Not sure Siddle has ever cracked the sads or bowled anything other than the grunt work into the wind.


But hey did you know he only eats bananas?


Does he?

Amazing he can keep trotting it out on the pitch.


How long are they going to keep Finch around for?


Another 100 to Khawaja. Knew he could bat. Will be tough to leave him out of the World Cup squad now.


Another ton for Khawaja, good platform to really launch from here


It’s good to see Handscomb find his groove with the bat too


Happy to see Marsh given the heave ho. I wouldn’t be expecting him to stand up in the World Cup so it’s the right time to move on.


And the collapse is on Khawaja, Maxwell and Handscomb in quick succession.

Khawaja must think his job is done once he gets to 3 figures.


I know what you mean, but really, it should be.


It’s better than a duck that’s for sure, it’s just a personal peeve of mine


If he’s running out of puff, you’d rather that he got out rather than hog the strike.


Let a 300+ score go begging. Pretty average after Usman went