Cricket Part III


Not much danger, unless it rains. There’s 5 full sessions left.

Even if Nevill’s still there, they’ll pick up 3 at the other end.


Indian tour has been a massive form and confidence boost for the one day side.


Doing a bit from the highlights. A lot of wickets thrown away, too.

Steve O Keeffe forgot he had a runner, and ran himself out.


Of Finch’s 11 ODI centuries only 3 of them have come at a SR of 100 or more. He has a SR of 88. And he’ll be a walking wicket in English conditions against a Duke in his current form.

Of SMarsh’s 7 ODI centuries 6 were scored at a SR of 100 or more. He has a SR of 81.


Yeah, but he’s fat and old.


88 Finch
81 SMarsh
83 Waja

“Waaaay” quicker was an overstatement, but there is a difference there. I’d chop Marsh FWIW.


So you’re saying there’s still a chance that I can captain Australia one day? Woohoo!


So would I, but if I were replacing one of Finch or Khawaja for Warner, I’d probably take Khawaja based on form and expected conditions.

The more interesting question is who would be left out for Smith; Handscomb? Turner?



From memory we normally rotate 1 bat and only work out who the best XI is in the knockout rounds.


NSW 9 for 54.
Pattison 5/13


Might be bowing himself into an Ashes tour.


Marsh was squeezed for Turner.
But that’s only one slot


Remember when Essendon lost the first two matches of the series?


Now 9/82. S’OK is clearly swinging like a rusty gate - he’s already equal top-scorer…


That’s looking to be a reasonably prescient call right about now…


i live over the road so to speak am not surprised with the scores…its been raining on and off for the last week has been overcast since it started with wind coming from a very favourable end.

bowl from the city end today wiith a breeze from mind on overcast duke ball and youd be hooping them all over the place…


And… all out 102. That’s a fairly good result after day 1.


Pattinson got a great 5-for and Siddle took 3 wickets.

James Pattinson is back. Test Team now, please.


lights have been on since play started wind is about 40kph…sun wind showers no wonder the vics are playing well lol.


I really like Pattinson as a bowler but suspect that getting 5 wickets in the second innings when he went wicketless in the first innings hasn’t got him closer to a recall and I’d be shocked if he got a berth to England