Cricket Part III




No. He shouldn’t.
Really only one good game before XMas and this one, not enough.

Bird and Boland have 45 wickets each at 22 & 20 respectively, should be at the top of the list by a long, long way.


I assume West is a bowler, because if he is a batsmen he should be put into the cannon.


Young leftie quick, and he looked pretty lively too.
2nd Shield game so very early days but looks like he has something to work with.


So Starc’s got competition.


Everyone see this catch. Most insane thing I’ve seen since John Dysons catch way back when.


3rd test between NZ and Bangladesh called off.

I keep thinking of Stephen Fleming when their hotel got bombed in Pakistan and he had to do a press conference and he described the scene. Horrible.


Injury free Pattinson is a world class bowler. If he’s injury free and bowling full pace he should be on the plane to England.


At this point injury-free-Pattinson is the Aussie Cricketing equivalent of a unicorn


Like injury-free-Cummins.


Pattinson 3 out of 4 in SA’s 4/113

Jake Lehmann has made a lot of ducks this season. Vics have dropped White and ‘rested’ Boland, bringing back Fekete and Siddle.


Siddle gets Brad Davis, who has done time in a Turkish prison, for 23.
Head on 29 and Harry Nielsen with his favourite loneliest number.

Nielsen caught behind off Siddle for 2. 6/140

NSW 3/160 vs Tas, both openers making sixties and Patterson 14.

And WA 3/53, Marsh out for 2 and Bancroft 4. Neser 3/7.


Pattinson is about 3000x the bowler of Bird or Scotty Boland. But he’s probably not had enough cricket to force himself onto the plane.


Is Tremain injured?


Nope. He’s playing.


Harris out right on stumps. Vics 1/28 chasing 260.


All fell over after that, all out 138.
Neser 5/15 off 15 overs.
QLD 3/28 in reply.
Must have a wedding on Friday.


Labuschagne 2 and Renshaw 1 out in a score of 3/28 chasing 138.


It looks like no-one told the groundskeepers that it’s still cricket season.

Edit. Or no one told the batsmen


Are they still using Dukes?

There might be a few home teams creating ‘result pitches’ in a bid to make the final.