Cricket Part III


click back into thread and Vics have gone bang


Bat for time now


Amazing how bad the techniques have been to bowling aimed at the stumps.


Siddle 5 fa


All out 121


Siddle wants to go to England


Quality bowling and the batting just isn’t up to it which is unusual for NSW as normally they produce decent allrounders with the stick. These blokes are just genuine bowlers only


Patto has to be in the squad. Siddle not sure what the thoughts are. Copeland has made a late run at it, there might be room for one bowler who is not express but can move the ball in English conditions. Starc, Hazlewood, Cummins are the certainties. Patto, Sidds, Copeland, J.Richardson in the mix for the reserve pacemen spots. I dare say there will be some over there playing County so we may not necessarily have to have them in the squad to be able to call them up…


Starc, Cummins, Hazle, Patto, Richardson, Siddle/Bird I reckon will be the 6 bowlers they’ll take, if they take 6.


Richo has been bowling well so I see no reason why Patto would replace him at this stage (unless stays injured). He should probably be looked at for the squad though.


I can think of about 70 reasons.


Panel were just discussing who replaces whom for the WC squad. Heals thinks Warner for Khawaja, Smith for Handscomb.


Healy is a v poor judge


He also is very well connected to the power brokers of CA


interesting as Khawaja has done quite well in the recent ODIs. But if the pen is poised against his name then a bad finish to this series may be enough to cross him out


He’ll be in the squad I’d imagine. But perhaps not in the side.


The only query the selectors should have around Pattinson for the Ashes is whether he wants a window seat, or an aisle seat.

It’s so good to see him fit and firing again!


Which end James?

With the wind thanks…


He’s a strong strapping lad.


Lucky they “didn’t have the courage” to leave out Siddle.