Cricket Part III


I reckon NSW are in with a chance here


Big chance


You are 1 or 2 wickets away from wrapping it up. Very brittle batting order


Fat lady time


Pattinson gets Henriques and Edwards…6/175


collapse is on, c’mon Vics


Discussion in the box re MOTM

Got to be Harris…surely

2 votes Pattinson
1 vote Siddle


SOK gone, Tremain clean bowled him.


Tremain knocks O’Keefe’s off peg out of the ground.





Copeland bowled by Boland


All over bar the shouting


Copeland bowled by Boland, a couple of balls after Nevill was given not out lbw to Siddle.

Two noises, so the ump obviously thought he’d hit it, but on replay, was absolutely plumb. Hit both pads.



Boland gets Nevill lbw



As plumb as the one in the previous over.

Patto on to try and take a Michelle.


Nostalgia with the old Ritz in the background…now the Elephant and Wheelbarrow.

Used to be This Is The Show, with the capital letters large on the ads…then Maxine’s Gentleman’s Lunches were there for a while in the late 90’s.

I’ll be back in a few minutes.


E&W is ■■■■■■■ horrible. Had absolutely ■■■■ poor beer there in the early 2000s. Maybe different management to when you were there.


there it is!


All over…full toss from Boland hit to Pattinson at mid on.


The commentators are really struggling to say ‘congrats to Vic’, so now let’s talk about brave NSW.


4th title in 5 years