Cricket Part III


Can make changes up to 7 days out I think.


Smith is batting well in the IPL tonight, currently 55*


Bancroft has had a couple of good innings playing county.


Patto took 5/61 in a OD where over 800 runs were scored


Turner out 1st ball as the RR’s try and get the last 7 runs form 9 balls


4 ducks on the trot now for Turner


Saw this on Twitter, can’t stop watching or laughing


Looks like Ashton Turner got another golden duck. Has he moved from an Audi to the Olympic Rings now?

Smith got 50 in a loss. Pant got 78* off 36 in the win.


Yeah he has. The 1st Australian to do it in the IPL. Much embarrassment.


Great team but would look even stronger with Wade ahead of Carey and Pattinson in place if Richardson


Wouldn’t be risking Pattinson for a WC, get him ready for tests. Need someone who can keep also which rules Wade out


Pattinson is not a limited overs bowler IMO. He’s just too attacking and leaks runs.


It’s going to be a high scoring tournament and the batting component of a 'keeper/batsman’s repertoire might be of more value. If we’re needing 100 of 60, I know who is like to be walking out to bat given the choice between Wade and Carey.


Small grounds, flat wickets with 350+ being the norm. Someone with his pace and aggression co yuld be so valuable. Nothing slows down the run rate quite like a wicket or two.


The ability to consistently make runs at international level is a fair line through his name also…


Yep, but probably just because hes another lh opener called Matt


Faulkner out of the closet. Good for him.




Another MoM performance from Warner o/n in the IPL.


CA now saying that it’s all a joke and Faulkner is not gay.