Cricket Part III


What’s his SR and average in terms of bowling compared to Cummins?


NCN SR 31.5 avg 28
Cummins SR 30.5 avg 25.


and he’s vastly superior than either Behrendorff or Richardson.


Peak blitz. Comparing a bloke who just made 92 off 60 balls and almost single handed won us the game with David Myers…


I’d be very worried if we’re relying on a number 8 to do some scoring with the bat or being picked for it. His previous best before this one was 34. His batting ability should be the last thing considered.

His bowling hasn’t be much chop every time I’ve seen him, reckon he’s either dropped or on last chance with the ball.


NCN is an “enforcer-type” who bowls the wrong side of 140km/h too often. He is a better version of Ben Cutting. Nafe is selected in this side for his lower order batting, which clearly paid off.

Behrendorff I rate, provided conditions suit and KRichardson<JRichardson so he is lucky Jhye got injured. Jhye would have been 3rd picked seamer.

Personally, I’d have brought Stanlake over instead of KRich.


A lot of foreign agencies have assessed it as a gutsy win where people actually put there hand up when the game was on the line. So what if it was an out of form seamer, smith again or starc.

First real test and we passed it, now sitting second.

There will be a few teams looking over their shoulders now.


Helps if you actually read the context… he was implying that based on he bowling performances he should be dropped. Much like Myers asked to be dropped.


C’mon man. You’re clutching at straws here.
Why are you trying to downplay a very very good catch?


This is carnage, England should be eyeing off 400. These 115-125 mediums for Bangledesh are just not looking anything close to being threatening. They badly need a strike 145+ bowler so they can build their spinners and mediums around.


It was a very good catch. But it’s the ■■■■■■■ rules.


Looks like a real tough batting pitch there in cardiff.


Buttler is the best in the world batting in this situation. Solid platform from the top order, he can come in after 30-odd overs and really accelerate the scoring. 400 a big chance. Bangas just don’t have the firepower to contain…


I’d be surprised if Buttler keeps. Looks as if he’s strained an oblique.

6-366 with 8 balls left.


6-386, Plunkett 27 off 9 and Woakes 18 off 8

Afghans 2-66 off 11.1 vs Kiwis


He’s the enforcer? Cant imagine too many batsmen around the world being worried about getting 135km/h short pitched deliveries.




NCN has dropped a yard of pace. Been injured a lot so perhaps he’s gone back a cog to help his durability. He used to be mid-140s and bowled a heavy ball. If he’s 10kph slower than that but not changed his lengths or not working the ball more with swing/seam/cut, he can be got at. I’m a big Behrendorf fan, left armer but a different type to Starc.


That’s 5 matches, right? 3.6 a match. The answer is easily,if those stats are consistent. There looks to be a bigger gap at the moment, though.


Any news on the squad yet? Toss should only be about 45 minutes away