Cricket Part III


Starc is an overrated hack.


wtf is starc doing?


350 looking shaky.


Just not working for him today


Jeez it’s good these wickets have got some spice in them…


Fair catch


The only positive so far is thankfully this isn’t a semi or a final.

Would love to see Warner go ballistic in response.


Been some pretty poor bowling, but I reckon this target is definitely in reach on this pitch


Imagine how many runs they’d have made if it was road. You know, with the pitches having so much life in them.


That total is definitely chase able.

First 10 overs is massive


Finch being able to make a score will help.


Knocked over or lbw within the first 5 overs. No confidence at all


Warner glued the bails on?


What a freaking joke that you play a World Cup with bails that don’t come off…


It was rolling along the ground and hit the outside edge of off stump

Bails can very easily not come off as the stump wouldn’t move (and didn’t)

Fark me we are lucky though and need all those things to go our way all game


When they showed the side on footage the stump moved. There is no way a ball hitting the stumps that hard shouldn’t be knocking off the bails.


You were saying?


Only just made it, should of easily had another 30-40 runs on that pitch


Very steady start. We’ll knock these 250 runs off in no time…

Wait, we’re chasing how many???


Has Warner mellowed out too much? Sounds odd but since his return every time I see him he looks more suited to a steady hand at number 4 than a gamebreaker.