Cricket Part III


Great over


It dawned on me but do we have no other batters in the squad that can come in bar S Marsh?


Warner struggling big time. Finch is doing his job but you sense Warner is getting frustrated and can feel a big shot coming soon, he needs to work through this to give us a chance. If these two can get to 25 overs we’re a chance.


Finch run out, unbelievable. Game over.




You’re ■■■■■■■ kidding me


Warner needs 150.


If he doesn’t hesitate, he makes the ground…just, but there wasn’t enough leeway there to justify the 2.


Considering the Lynn and Short experiments seem to have been scuttled, yes.

There are a few promising youngsters coming through that should be ready for the next WC. The young opener for the Heat looks like he’ll make it, provided he can bat for longer periods.

Handscomb should really be here Smith at 3 Handscomb 4 was an option they would have considered, Peter certainly is a much better fielder than either Khawaja or Marsh.


Warner seriously needs to find another gear after that abomination of a run out. He’s effectively an anchor on the run chase at this point in time.


At his current rate that would take him more than 300 deliveries.


Run rate keeps creeping up. Warner needs to hit out, or get out.


Warner grinding his way into the game.


Looks to be a fair bit of rain coming


Yes very dark clouds hovering.


That is unfortunate.


Par score 118, so go the tonk.


This bloke chucks it


I don’t know if they’re using the same Duckworth Lewis calculator I’m looking at, but if they are and we stay at one fer…we’re comfortably winning at the moment.

Edit: Well, I say comfortably. We’re three runs in front.


Aaaand five runs behind.
But I have no idea how accurate the calculator I’m using is.