Cricket Part III


Now it gets interesting. We need someone to deliver a ton.


Warner now gone, for a slowly compiled 56.


Khawaja gone and Maxwell hits a four first ball.
Need 11 per over from here


Poor bugger comes in needing 11+ per over !


Looks like he’s up for it!
15 off that over
With wickets in the shed it’s more than get able


Need Smith to find the fence now.
Or clear it !


There we go


18 off 1 over
10 off the rest




Two out of three deliveries there keeping low for two wickets. Merde!!


This loss was all Maxwell’s fault


Ok going to bed.

If your going to lose then it’s better to happen now than later in the tournament.
The chase hasn’t been that bad.
The Finch r/out was the killer - He just looked liked he was about to amp things up.
Warner never got his timing right on that wicket.
Their bowlers were much more disciplined when bowling to our attack especially early.

The bowling is definitely a concern but hopefully things have improved by the time big stuff starts later in the tournament.
Maybe on wickets like that Lyon needs to play.


We had a decent go at it but just was a little off tonight. Still a lot of work to do before we can even think about finals


So near but so far


Smith and Kwawaja got caught between preserving wickets and not letting the required rate get out of hand. Maxwell got out to a pressure shot but can hardly be blamed.

And, as an aside, what the heck is going on here:


Very classy act from Kohli to support Smith


Glad we’ve nailed the all-rounder spud, I mean spot, again.
Goes for 9 runs an over and goes out second ball.


Quickest to 150 ODI wickets in history is a hack
Nice one, wish we had more hacks like that


Yep, we are obsessed with “all rounders”, the ones selected are nothing but park cricketers at one of the two skills.(some might say both)
Ideally Cummins and Pattinson both fit, “all rounder” spots sorted.
Still can’t believe Hazelwood isn’t playing. He must watching getting frustrated watch CN and Stoinis dish up rubbish.
We have one of the best spinners in the world carting drinks, yet we persist with Zampa


Yes it was, and it was good that someone finally said something about it. A little bit of booing is understandable, but this is getting to ridiculous levels now.