Cricket Part III


Still reckon hazelwood is being saved for the ashes.

Richardson should be in before NCN


Always liked kholi, he’s a real ■■■■ on the field but it is great. Sometimes I think he takes it too far but when you toe the line as much as he does you are bound to overstep. Plays the game how we played it for about 15 years


India’ fielding was also a factor. Tremendous endeavour and they prevented a lot of ones turning into twos. Kohli and Dhoni have got a lot going right and work well together setting fields that make boundaries the only option aside from easy singles.


And Dave Warner’s 30 odd dot balls are confronting given the ultimate losing margin.


It’s the bowling. Only Cummins looked decent on that pitch. No turn, no seam, no swing and far too many deliveries that allowed leg side scoring. Very poor and at least one genuine front line bowler short.


The Indian spinners were amazing. Controlled, focused and choked off momentum in those early, middle stages. Outstanding. And, of course, their quicks went more than ok too.


Having to cobble 10 overs out of Stoinis and Maxwell is not good. Both are OK options to throw the ball to if you need to break a partnership, but neither good enough to rely on on a consistent basis, and when you have frontline bowlers who aren’t doing the job like NCN and Zampa it exposes them more.


Fkg concur


Pay Langer out and bring in Caracalla.


Carey’s dropped catch was the difference


We can go back to that, but end of the day the run chase was not well constructed. Too slow too early. I know that they wanted to keep wickets in hand for the back end of the innings, but you can’t dawdle through the first 25-30 and leave yourself with 9-10 an over from the last 20. But Carey’s drop is one that an international standard keeper takes.


Carey takes that catch and they’re 3/220, Dhoni is a slow starter if he’s allowed to be and they probably finish around 320. Instead Pandya smashes 48 off 27 and kills the game. Bowling was poor, Stoinis was carted, NCN gave 14 from his first over and Zampa was crushed.

Richardson or Behrendoff in for NCN and possibly Lyon in for Zampa. That or we drop Stoinis for S Marsh and be forced to bowl out Maxwell/Zampa or Lyon for 10 overs each.


Michael Slater has to be the greatest flog of all time as a commentator.
Should put him in a short skirt, give him a couple of pom poms so he can look like a cheer leader which will match his incessant barracking.


It was costly, no doubt but, if Warner goes at a run-a-ball and Maxwell comes in instead of Usman, I strongly suspect that we have a different game. Dhoni comes in earlier if Carey doesn’t grass that, too. He was pretty devastating in his little cameo, looked like he was “in the mood”.


That whole commentary team last night was pretty ordinary imo, but yes, Slater in a standout.


Slater has always been a flog, as has Clarke.


How on earth can a country that produced R.Benaud offer up these two dolts as our representatives of the world telecast. WTF happened?


Imagine how itchy you’d be getting as Smudge - hey finchy, I’ll take over from here champ.


Yep. Smith and ussie where up against it based on how warner dragged his heels, and didn’t have much of a choice but to consolidate, not only through the need to have wickets left at the end but also the quality of bowling.

Maxwell should have been a bit higher up the order.

Didn’t expect Zampa to bowl badly, occasion got to him maybe. Cummins didn’t bowl badly, they just dominated him. Those two I was expecting to be our keys, starc is still poo. Stoinis annoys me - he looks like he’s not sure if he belongs. He also looks as bright as a box of hammers, which has nowt to do with anything.

Enough said about Carey and finch, had good games although Carey seemed a bit tight behind the stumps at times.

India are a class above, as demonstrated by their Homer Simpson like massage chairs. I like kholi even if his teammates don’t. Can’t wait for Paine to come out with more zingers during the ashes along with his superb captaincy and general universe bossiness.

If Warner wants to do that for the rest of the tournament they may as well get marsh in for him and open with finch and khwalja.

As a final observation, the Indian commentators $hit me no end, and when “complemented” by Clarke make for painful. I cracked it with 9s reception due to the prevailing nor westerly and the coat hanger being blown off the roof, and got KAYO. 25 bucks but at least I could watch it without Warner’s legs being at one end of the screen to his torso and ugly mug. And his crusty beard which makes him looked like he got off with an orangutan the night before and didn’t shower the next morning. Let that sit with you a while.

Now watch us fold against Togo or whoever’s next.