Cricket Part III


For his standards


Early wicket of Amla puts Sth Africa on the back foot v West Indies. Looks a very gloomy day in Southampton…


Drizzling so they’re off.

Cottrell has saluted again…removing Markram.


Fwiw it hasn’t even started properly yet. Just wait until the ashes starts


Cottrell’s doing well with the cross-seamers that are jumping off a length.

I wonder how long the Saffies can persist with Amla?

Russell not in the Windies side because of his knee, must be some serious doubts about him making it through the tournament.

A Saffy win would be could for Australia but it’s hard to want to see them win, would be lovely to watch them fold today and have their hopes dashed so early.

The rain can ■■■■ off now.


In the same way that the country that produced Drew Morphett and Bruce McAvaney/Dennis Cometti (at their best not their latter-day caricatures…) also produced Dwayne Russell and Brian Taylor i.e. modern commentary happened.
It’s the same for every sport - there’s barely a modern commentator out there worth a squirt of warm p iss… it’s all about hyperbole now and understatement is a lost art…


Yep. I haven’t watched much of the IPL but that perfectly encapsulates what you are saying - It’s like they’re trying to outdo each other in the hyperbole stakes- it’s really horrendous. No wonder they hired Slater to commentate on it, he fits right in.


just caught up with what kohli did for steve smith. respect. i hated the guy with a passion, but geez that was awesome.


Best thing about the rain delay was watching highlights from 2 decades of the Saffers choking


That NZ semi never gets old.


The Semi against Australia makes me laugh still and I loved the time in their home tournament where they misread the D/L rules and failed to qualify for finals by 1 run


Persist with zampa you recon

Edit - actually looking at his numbers so far you’re probably onto something but they should persist based on his last couple of years.

I get the feeling Lyon will be used sparingly based on the ashes being round the corner.


Showed an 8 year old the SF and that’s exactly the same reaction he had.


Windies and Saffies rained out. The good news for the Saffies is that they’re finally on the board with their first point of the competition. The bad news is that they’re already in the position of needing to win all their remaining games and hoping other results go their way.


Stoinis bothers me the most, but I don’t know who else there is that can be a decent go to all rounder. Hes looks as though there’s no self belief.

Ironically stoicism comes up when you initially put his name in.


He’s been very frustrating to watch this tournament. He bowled well the final overs of India’s innings but there was one bad ball amongst the 6 that undid a lot of his good work. He looked great against the WI was dreaming everything and the smashed a half tracker straight to a fielder. One good innings may change everything for him but it’s hard to see when it’s going to come for him.


Probably the way I wrote it, but I’m in the play Lyon camp. He is one of the best spinners in the world


Will play a big part towards the end of the tournament imo.


A cautionary tale?


is richardson still injured?