Cricket Part III


Which one?

J is out injured but I believe K is fit and ready to go



That sucks.


The biggest issue with Stoinis’ batting is that he struggles hitting singles and can get bogged down early facing too many dots, putting more pressure in himself and his partner.

Shane Watson was a power hitter but he had the ability to bat the ball down to third man as a releasing shot.

A game plan is to put maxwell under the pressure of going at 10rpo regardless of whether the tops order fails


We have fallen for the same problem our test team had, we are playing a all rounder for the sake of having a all rounder. The only one I would consider is Darcy Short and he isn’t there.
I would just bring Carey up to six and play Berendorf…


In all fairness the Aussies were the hottest team going into the WC so I would hate for one loss to cause too much trepidation.


It’s not just the latest game.
We only just fell over the line against the Windies


That’s two out of our last 11. We also beat India in a T20 series just prior to our run of 10 on the bounce. A bit early to suggest we’re faltering imo.


I think all teams in the World Cup have some weaknesses. Of the 3 favourites, Australia, India and England, I think India appear to the best equiped to minimise their gaps.

Australia definitely has a couple of issues, with the major ones been Stonis at 6 with no natural back up, our 3rd seamer and the spinner.

England’s bowling still has a big question mark against it for me. Chasing big totals in the world cup is not going to be as easy - as already seen against Pakistan.

The are two areas I think you could expose India. One is if you get early wickets and get through their top order. By doing this you put pressure on a middle order that over the past few years hasn’t had a great deal to do - also it should mean that that Dohni’s role would have to change. The second area you can get at them is via their spinners. I think there will be a game or two where their spinners are taken for plenty.


Hopefully the bad Pakistan rolls up tomorrow night.
Not the one that beat England.


Pakistan is such an enigma. They will suck against average teams, but against good teams they really raise their game

I think Pakistan will be competitive for a while then Australia will blow them away.


Dhawan has a fractured thumb and India are considering replacing him. Do y I’d be a big loss for them given his form in the big tournaments.

Rain has delayed the start of the SL v Bangers clash with a wet week forecast. India v New Zealand on Thursday is looking especially grim and our match tomorrow looking like it might be a stop-start affair.


Could be a bit of a misnomer tbh.

I’m living in Scotland at the moment. Without speaking for the entire country, I would estimate that precisely ■■■■ all of the population north of Hadrian’s wall give a ■■■■ about cricket, and even fewer would know there’s a world cup on. However, a World Cup football match between England and Scotland on a Sunday evening? That will always get TV viewers, as opposed to the cricket matches which are taking place on weekdays.


All yours haters!


Rain forecast for today and tomorrow so probably not much play


Cricket’s coming home


I will be in Edinburgh when the final is played and was hoping I’d be able to find a pub so I could watch, but you aren’t filling me with much hope! :wink:


To be fair it’s a joke that the selectors persisted with Marsh for 4 years and then completely overlooked him the last Aussie summer as we got close to the World Cup. His bowling is better than Stonis’ and frankly at the moment his batting couldn’t be any worse.

If there is a replacement made it could be the thing that swings momentum back in our favour - assuming Marsh hits the groud performing better than Stonis currently is performing.


That’s a very low bar to be beating!


Don’t mind MMarsh as an ODI player.
Not unhappy with this.


It’s about the only bar I’m confident M Marsh would better.