Cricket Part III


Exceedingly dumb review.


That review is hilarious.


I hope Maxwell is padded up.


Indeed. They should be able to get as much movement tt and the same lengths as Amir but they’ll be doing it at about 10 kmh quicker.


The captain knew it wasn’t out but was talked into it by the bowler. They ALWAYS think it’s out.


The Australians clearly thought it was done to waste time… where’s that rain?


Terrible Smith. No need for it


Nice over from Maxwell there.
Captain obvious but this should be a massive score.


With Warner shoring up an end I don’t mind the other batsmen taking some risks. We may get 400+ if someone can really cash in. Worth a go imo.


Warner closing in on a ton. Looks likely to go on with the job as well. Pakistan bowlers have been shabby, ecept for Amir, who beat the bat many times, without luck. Ozzie pace bowlers should cash in.
Mawell bowled for 20 off 10 balls.


Maxwell always suspect against the quicks


Warner edges one between keeper and slip, neither got a finger to it, to bring up his ton. Needs to go on with it now.


Pretty good ton and hopefully he can keep going


I wonder if Usman has been padded up the whole innings?

Pakistan drop another dolly.


Marsh dropped on 3, an absolute soda. Ironic cheers for the feilder as the net ball is hit straight to him again.


It was Warner


That was Warner, I think.


“John” at 3rd man.




That would have been huge had they got Warner then. That could well be the difference between chasing 320 and 360.