Cricket - The Ashes Tour, 2019


Stay awake for 1/2 hour and it might be over. Reckon they will go T20 mode soon and try to really trounce us

Seperate coaches for starters also

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Oh well.

As others have said essentially, no one to blame but themselves.

I would be interested to hear the supposed logic behind picking handscombe to inject into an already frail and underperforming middle order.

In reality neither he nor stoinis should have been playing, and maxwell should have been almost with them, and he’d only be selected on a small selection of times he has played well.

Match was lost before it began

Yeah, … this (what looks very like being) humiliation will be good fire in the belly for an Ashes revenge though.

And I know which one of those 2 Fixtures I’d rather win.

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I thought all white ball cricket was with the Kookaburra?

They get the Ton 4 None I’m done.

Roy and Bairstow are a very dangerous opening ODI pair.

the instarem dude is freaky as. weird smile.

England are also only playing with 4 genuine batsmen and one of those is Eoin Morgan.

Great… Smith is bowling before Stoinis, I’m so glad we selected the allrounder instead of an inform Wade.

The injured allrounder**

This is humiliating. Absolute belting from ball one.

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Give him a couple more overs. We can all get to sleep early then.


Record over from Smith?

Need a rebuild. We need to find our under 24 squad and just play them.

And out.

Some sad sods here

Starc gets him plumb

9 to to

Despite the struggles from our middle order this tournament the turning point was the Saffer loss. We had destiny in our own hands and once we lost that our tournament was as good as over. England love playing at Edgbaston and we hate it.
Need to make some real hard decisions on the direction we are heading in this format over the next 12 months and start preparing for the next WC

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I hate the oooooooooooo chant for anyone with oo in their name.

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