Cricket - The Ashes Tour, 2019

And his keeping is no where near as good as people make it out to be.


Not good, but not as bad as it might have been.

Yeah, … wtf would Ricky farking Ponting know … :roll_eyes:

Langer called Paine’s wicket-keeping “breathtakingly brilliant” and said his proficiency as a keeper has given him confidence in other departments of the game.

But hey, whatevs

Tim Paine is 34, struggles to make runs and ok, is a decent keeper, but needs to making runs.
Surely a younger option will be more important for Australia for the the present (making runs) as well as the future, where their keeping will improve also.

100 up

Looking pretty settled now.

getting on top with batting to come.

Carey has been amazing all WC and is now batting with a potential broken jaw.


That was a magnificent sweep by Carey. Went like a laser to the boundary.

Too bad it hasn’t given him confidence in his batting. Maybe the confidence is in his laundry?

My love for Smith, oh Mr Smith

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If these 2 can stick around for another 10 overs and get to 160-175 we are in a pretty good position.
The 3 early wickets will be in the back of the poms minds when they walk out to bat as well.

A Ton apiece from these 2 would sort our shitt out.

I blame you for this


■■■■!!! Straight down his throat.

Batted so well and gets out to an absolute pie

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■■■■ me, no good!

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Great knock by Carey, pitty he forced it as he had some form.



Imagine if Kholi was as good as Smith…

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