Cricket - The Ashes Tour, 2019

Not good

Worse for Handscombe coming in at 4, just looked useless.

If we can somehow scrounge our way through Wade surely has to play

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He’s not a good boy. We can’t pick players on performance, they must be fine upstanding citizens. Can’t bat but he makes a nice cup of tea…



Dumb cricket



Great spell from Rashid. Never seen him turn it that well before.

Remind me why Wade was not picked?

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Why the hell is a number 8 trying the late cut?
Just get your body behind it, play straight and let Smith do the dirty work

Hope Smith gets his hundred, just needs someone too stick in with him.

Because it was ridiculous to drop Maxwell the match winner.
I read it in here earlier today.

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Going back a little, has Hanacombe done recently to get the nod above Wade in am ODI?

Farking go Smith.

Maxwell’s not the problem tonight, have a good look at the scorecard


Would that be a 3some, … or just a 2some?? :smirk:

Edit; (Ok, … that’s enough Bourbon for you now BSD …)

If our bottom 3 collectively can make say 30 from 40 and Smith stays in we can still post a decent (enough) total imo


Agree. Hopefully Stark can go berserk late

Looked at that scoreboard more than enough.

Like the rest of the scoreboards throughout the tournament in no way shape or form do I see a semblance of

Maxwell - match wining performance.

He is not the main problem but he is a problem. Had to hide the useless tool at 7 because he is a liability batting higher. I said before the tournament started that our weak middle order would be our downfall and it’s proven to be true. We haven’t got the order or mix correct all tournament

Mmm, … just trying to remember when it was that Lyon hung around for that last wicket big score, … and how long it’s been since he’s done similar. Still has stick around ability no??

With only 8 overs remaining you would hope that our tail is only facing 15-20 balls tops and Smith is facing the rest

A run a ball here gets us to 230


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