Cricket - The Ashes Tour, 2019

If we can keep them pinned down in the first ten overs, maybe some nerves will come into play. (I’m trying to find a positive!)

If starc can knock out someone that’d be good.

Maybe for an innings but not for a series. I’m sure there have been time your missus hasn’t been satisfied for a night, bit over the series Aceman I’m sure you’re missus :ok_hand::+1::rofl:

There’s always a chance.
But the smart money would be on them reaching the target in forty overs four or five down.

Obvs we gotta get the openers cheaply and keep them under pressure throughout.

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Mmm, … my only worry is if our Bowlers “Overtry”, and lose the plot.

Cool heads, just staying steady & straight, with a side of menace, and we’ll be in it.

Lose tonight and the tournament is a massive failure regardless

Starc has been around the traps for a while. So have most of the attack. Apparently Langer has got them in “chill out” mode.

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I know it’s England but how good have the pitches been for the fast bowlers? You reckon they’ve left more tricks in the pitches than they wanted through the series? Overcorrection from something in bowling? Half serious.

I’d say that with the bad weather around the pitches are just a bit underprepared which happens in England

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If we take 10, I think we’ll be right.


Early night then, beauty :+1:


Not sure about that. We were crap leading up to it and England in massive form an rightly favs.

Couple of selection quandaries for mine, but whilst I had a batting ave on 30, but was in the seconds and all cross bat/slog I also threw the fluffiest or cream puffs so what do I know?

Personally I’d have had Wade in for khawaja after his injury and Hazelwood in as an option early rather that Jai.

I think we’ve do well. Unfortunately our top order failed tonight - but they’ve been super over all. Let’s hope the bowlers can vindicate the previously in form batsmen, and bowl out these [email protected]

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No one would be.

Typically over the top negative/abusive comment.

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Could really use a few early ones to get the dander up and confidence rolling.

Poms look like they are batting in a Test match to wear down hope and stop that happening.

Don’t look like getting a wicket

no they are playing safe.
lots of dot balls tho so build some pressure.


Not looking good at all.

When you are top leading into the group game and you lose to a woeful South African side and follow that up with a poor batting display the very next game you have to ask questions. There have been probably only 5-6 players that can hold their head up high for the tournament and we got it wrong from the outset selection wise. Ask the Indian’s if they think the tournament was a success or not and I bet they will say they failed and unless we can turn things around quickly then we are headed the same way. At the very least there should be a line drawn through several players careers as a result of this tournament


When do we bring Warnie on?

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