Cricket - The Ashes Tour, 2019

A few short fast short balls to the chin followed by some in swinging yorkers would be nice right about now.


This will be as good as over unless we can find something soon.
Bowling looks very pedestrian so far and the ball isn’t doing much at all

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Are we bowling with a Kookaburra?

Nahh, … Kookaburras bounce more.

At least they do off windscreens anyway.

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Get Lyon on

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Has to happen this over.

Geez they have had some luck today

Bring on The Ashes, this one is over already.

Dunno about bringing Lyon on, … but I’ll be Lyon in, … bed pretty fkn soon if they don’t break through shortly.

It’s all but done

After seeing the way we handled the swinging ball at times this tournament I’m a tad worried about the Ashes now. Be interesting to see what they do with their pitches


Geez, long bow
We lost, England lost, NZ lost, India lost…

That’s the nature of 50 overs , less forgiving of skill (luck), hence why I enjoy 20/20,.50 over but prefer test.

We’ve done well, but a loss doesn’t mean Essington.

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We don’t like Duke balls.

Must get Lyon on. Take the pace off the ball and hopefully get a bit of grip off the pitch

I have just weighed up sleep vs cricket. Sleep wins.

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England will cruise this in, confidence is up

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Our massive cracks in the middle order were papered over by Finch and Warner’s brilliance. Was rare when both went cheaply and unfortunately today had to be one of those rare days.
The South African debacle was worse than today’s game as we had everything to play for and got beaten up by a bunch of scrubbers which put us in this predicament today

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Middle-order obviously needs a serious rethink.

England have set the blueprint for ODIs, on and off the field. We need to separate white-ball cricket from red-ball cricket by having white and red ball contracts and then tell some of our natural white-ball cricketers to forget trying to make the test squad and focus on limited overs.

We don’t like any swinging balls full stop.
Have a look at the SS when they get a lively deck or overcast day. Too many players coming through the ranks these days that are clueless when the ball is doing anything.

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