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He was very good.


70 is way too early.


Could bowl a bit Bob.


He had a distinctive bowling style.

4.29 :joy:


Ol’ Sheephead bowled brilliantly in the Botham test in 1981

Any developments in the “chewing gum under the bails” scandal in Warrnambool cricket AN?

Heard nothing. Certainly wasn’t mentioned at the umpires’ monthly meeting last week.

Usual discussion is about the need for heavy bails. It does get a smidge breezy here. I bought some after my first game for the year last Saturday week.

In a gigantic shock, Cam Bancroft has again failed after again clipping one to leg gully.

That’s the 7th or 8th time this season.

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Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

Mr Consistency


They have the roller on it now

Hit in the “head at both ends”…?


The online commentator must think Tassie are playing. :wink:

Not great considering this is the last game at the MCG before the test. Hopefully they can find a solution ASAP

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It’s getting worse? Wonderful, the calls to strip the MCG of Boxing Day is going to get very, very loud.

Edit: just read this, “The pitch will reportedly not be used in the upcoming Boxing Day Test, although the development could prove to be a significant embarrassment for Cricket Australia and the Victorian state association.”

Will never strip the Boxing Day test off Melbourne but this isn’t ideal. Staff would frantically be looking for answers and despite it not being the pitch they will use for the test it’s quite often that the same issues could exist in the whole square. Still got a bit of time to go and whilst zero chance of not getting a deck up it may end up being a dead pitch

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