Crowing about Justin

This guy needs a lot of credit. We have been lucky about the lack of impact injuries and only really Ambrose has had a muscular injury but the fact all the suspended guys have come back without too many problems and we look to be getting fitter as the year has gone on he deserves a lot of credit.


Agree entirely. Smart guy, continues to learn like a champion. Only downside is he played one game for collingwood.

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Fast learner


But he also played one game for us, in a final, in the ruck, with no notice, and was our best.

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Let’s not tempt fate.


Change his first name to Max, and all if forgiven.

That would be his father!

He is to hamstring injuries, what garlic is to vampires.

He played one for Bendigo too so it cancels out

And sacrificed his nose for the cause.


Our injury record has been good. Long may it continue.

Thanks to whoever started this thread for the 3 pinged hammies we will now have next week.


Very impressed with this guy. Very sports sciency fitness based rather than chemical based approach seems to be just what we needed. Training afl players to play afl rather than rugby helps i reckon.

Iirc was also their runner for ages but we’ll forgive him.

Just need to avoid mentioning the fact he used the Collingwood players in an experiment

Between this thread and the September plans one, we’re soooo farked.


Here is an interesting hypothesis. The fitness staff generally manage training loads.

I would guess we put in a big training session in prep for swans likely on the Monday before the Swans game. This would be a way of building / maintaining fitness for the remainder of the year.

I would guess that the loss to lions may have been down to fatigue factors from the week prior of we had a big session, followed by a big game against swans and ran out of legs against lions.

Have no facts. But I’m a sports science Guy and often poor performances or fade outs can be traced back a few weeks and maybe we got the balance slightly wrong…

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Double this bloke’s pay right now! Other AFL clubs will see our minimal injury list, identify him as someone to get across to their footy program and try and poach him. Nip it in the bud, keep him happy and give him no reason to leave EFC!


Has us primed at the right time of the year.

Something Geelong managed really well in their flag years were the resting of players and we have clearly adopted that approach.

I hope we are paying him a lot because as suggested above would hate for other clubs to try poach him. He and Rob Harding (strategy) have been critical to our development I believe.


Agree on that one. Rob Harding seems to have replaced Neeld as right hand man to Woosha in the box. It appears that he has some influence in planning, and also in tactical matters on game day.


I honestly think luck plays a big part in this guys job as well.

He has done well though with the limited number of injuries we have had in terms of not rushing players back and having them continually break down as a result.

Seems a very impressive individual.

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