Crowing about Justin

It’s hard to gauge just how much of an influence he has had, but from outside looking in he seems to be very effective.

Adelaide obviously have a very attack minded gameplan also so clearly he believes in that philosophy.

if only there was some sort of topical saying for assuming a good result before we actually get there. Oh well.

I don’t know why you’re all raven about him.



It is a bit hard to swallow - but toucan play at that game!

Gurge thread.

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Sack Crow.

Its roadkill.

For me it’s not that he’s the best, it’s more a bird in the hand situation.

Suffered fewer injuries in the AFL and VFL - Seem to suffer more injuries on the training track.

Is doing a brilliant job with managing players injuries give this man a pay rise.

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Is stopping us from losing enough games to be forced into a rebuilding phase.

Sack Crow.

Am I doing it right?

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This guy gets off pretty easily around here. Almost all players that come under his guidance regress in their athletic ability. How is he unable to get Francis Afl fit for a backline role in 2 years? Were not asking him to be Haile Gebresellasie, just be able to run out a game to a reasonable level. Mcgrath is not the explosive athlete he was 1 year ago, why?

The midfield cannot run. Full stop.


Ha ha

Ha ha ha ha haaaa


Definitely a concern that our midfielders were gasping for breath 10 minutes into the game after having a week off.

Lol are you seriously questioning McGrath after his Rising star season?!

I’m not suggesting turf crow, i think he could afford to be less conservative at times. or more open to us, because it seems like if a player gets a knock they’re done for months.

Agreed. Like they’d had a few darts before the game.

He will have them primed for pre-season

Heppell with bulk up along the rest of the younger players.

Today you would be.