Agree that we lack quality crumbers. Heck, we lack hungry goal-scorers in general. It’s frustrating as hell, too. Would absolutely love a Wingard/Ballantyne/Matera/Walters type on the list. Hopefully Fantasia turns out to be a real find.

Chappy has kicked a few in Rounds 1-3, but he was stationed more as a forward whereas from Round 5 onwards he’s played more midfield so we have missed his expertise down there. Getting back our full midfield compliment should mean Chappy can play more inside F50 and add potency to our fairly mundane offence…



Have to agree Smooth. Chappy getting 20+ possessions in the midfield and across HB is not what we want. He is 32, has a history of soft tissue injuries, knows where the goals are, where to position himself to get the ball and what to do with it. I would much rather have him getting 12 possies inside 50 and 5 shots at goal.

I wish I could erect a forcefield around the 50 meter mark so Chapman and Daniher couldn't run outside it.

he he



Leroy scored an identical one in 2011 when we beat Geelong and Cory kicked one round 1 of VFL when I last went to watch. Only difference is they ran into open goals as opposed to Jackson who kicked a very tough checkside

Tippa needs to coach Zerrett how to tackle for a little bloke. Zac just keeps bouncing off opposition defenders.

Tippa on the other hand is a tackling machine.

Zac just needs to slow down just before he gets to the bloke.


He's trying to hit them too hard, and they're shrugging him off.


If he just accepts that he isn't going to stop the ball, but rather just make his guy dispose of it, he'll be much better off.  It's when he goes in to fast, gets brushed off, and then his opponent is happily waltzing down the field with heaps of time... that's what really hurts us.

He's a good player, hope he gets better.

Defs a caracella type...hope he gets to be that good