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Possibly the worst PR effort for a board coup ever. Masters of claiming credit where very little is due, they actually claimed that the (failed) coup leaders could take credit for the 2017 premiership


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Well done Jake.

Written a few hundred words, and yet managed to write absolutely nothing at all.


Then he fits right in on this forum.


I also wonder how much of it is based on perception and reputation of rutten and cara know what they are doing.

Hence I imagine is caracella comes in and has ruttens backing that we need to play for territory, will the players buy into that simply because it’s coming from them.

whereas if it came from the 3 you mention the players don’t buy it and or want to do it, cos they want to play a flashier style of game.



Still managed to concede 400 straight goals in one game. Consistency of effort and performance is what I want to see. No game plan will work without those ingredients.

Edit: of course this has been recognized.

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There are certainly guys on here more worthy of a Walkley than Jake.


Combine both = success.

What a load of rubbish.

That’s a great example of how to use statistics to prove the contrary of truth.

The truth is that we were an imposter in the eight. We did not deserve to play finals. Our thrashing by West Coast is exactly what our performances during the season indicated would happen. We ended up in the finals because of the easiest draw in living memory, and in the one final we played we produced exactly the sort of limp, uncommitted, spineless performance that was expected.

we deserved to make the finals. it doesn’t matter how you get there. if you make it, you deserve it. except fark Carlton


Consistency of effort and mental application during games and week to week is what’s required. Until that happens no one will have confidence in where we are heading. We’re Forest Gump - life is like a box of chocolates…


For us to have what a third of the season making 4 changes from one round to the next is crazy we made finals!

Forrest was good at football. Have you even seen the movie? Bad analogy.


we deserved to make the finals from our 6 week period after the bye. we were awesome. our footy stacks up

we had a sh*t last month, but even then we still beat Freo over here.

it’s stupid to say we didn’t deserve to make finals. we are a good team with a dash of essington here and there. when we get rid of that, and stop the brain fades like the first two weeks of the season and the dogs game, we will be back to the powerhouse we were

call me a fkg idiot, but I reckon we’re actually not that far away from it at all. a lot, LOT comes down to luck and injuries. i think a fit orazio, heppell and Smith will make a huge difference, and the growth of parish and mcgath as full time mids is something to be bullish about.

it can turn fast. keep the faith you lot


Have you hit the turps tonight? Strangely positive vibes coming from you .




Keep it up, for some reason I like it.

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just wait till I’m blind in 40 degree weather and we get pumped by west coast at fkn Joondalup in 2 weeks


in all seriousness. I reckon we’ll go much better than the vibe on here suggests. talent is not the issue. are Merrett, shiel, heppell, orazio, stringer, Hurley, tippa, McGrath, parish, saad, zaharakis, Smith, Redman, McKenna, hooker, Ambrose…and that’s just a few to name, poor players? no. at their best each and every one of them are seriously good players.

all it takes is a bit of momentum and confidence. we play Fremantle, Sydney and Carlton the first three rounds. If we win them three, the sky is the limit. and I reckon we will


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