Current List Vs 2000 GF team

Hypothetical but interesting given we are touted as having a very strong list. Who from 2019 would have gotten a game in the 2000 GF?

Here is our game 4 side (with Daniher in for Clarke) which is near enough to our best 22. (you can swap out someone if you like - but it will be at the margin and pointless for this exercise.

B: Ambrose (M Johnson) Hooker (Fletcher) McKenna (Wellman)
HB: Redman (Hardwick) Hurley (Wallis) Saad (Solomon)
C: Zaharakis (Heffernan) Merrett (Misiti) Heppell (Caracella)
HF: Parish (Mecuri) Brown (Lucas) McDonald Tippungwuti (Hird)
F: Stringer (Ramanauksas) Daniher (Lloyd) Bagley (Long)
R: Bellchambers (Barnes) Fantasia (Blumfield) Shiel (J Johnson)
IC: Myers Smith Ridley McGrath (Bewick Barnard Alessio Moorcroft)

Who from 2019 would have gotten a game in the 2000 GF?


Hurley or Hooker for Wallis is about the only one. But then you lose the bit of mongrel.


I think they would have all been too young.


Raz for Moorcroft.


Agree with that one - although plenty of hardnuts even if you take out Wallis! That is a really big difference between the two teams!


Hooker in for Wallis, Merrett for Heffernan, Stringer for Barnard, Fanta for Moorcroft JD for Alessio & Shiel for Bewick (2000 version only).


Different era, different game. How many of the current players would get a start in the 1950 premiership side?

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I disagree. It was less than 20 years ago.

Any of these 44 players could tweak body shape, fitness game style to suit then or now.

Whilst 2000 was a great year I think we’ve been caught up on the Sheedy era and looking for quick fixes for success over the past 15 years. Very similar to Carlton.

It’s a different game nowadays with far more teams. These old school coaches and staff that experienced success a decade ago are probably only going to stunt the club’s growth.

You do need to go backwards to go forwards.

Clubs are now more built on leadership and innovation as opposed to arrogance and intimidation

Yeah, fair enough, and probably easier to look at who from now might have got a game in that side as you don’t have to worry about who’d manage game plan complexities etc.

Tbh I’d question whether anyone has legitimate claims.

Wallis would have been considered a weakish link, but he was legitimately important in 2 premiership teams. We have no idea how anyone from the current group even performs on the biggest stage. We’re just projecting how we think they might perform if they ever get the opportunity.

(I am feeling very resentful this week and probably can’t actually make a valid judgement, but so be it.)

I’d prefer a comparison to 2003, 2008, 2013.
All give or take a year.

Go your hardest.

I understand the resentment frosty, it’s probably what’s had me looking to the past.

I reckon @JBOMBER 's changes look pretty good.


The only players that would possibly make the 2019 side would be Hooker Hurley Fantasia and Stringer.

Drop Wallis (for Hooker or Hurley), Moorcroft for Stringer, Rama for Fantasia

There’s no way in hell I’m dropping Wallis for Hurley.


That 2000 team would have today’s lot in tears by qtr time

The only guys who you could maybe put in that 2000 team from this lot are Raz and hooker

There only two from that side that you could maybe drop are moorcroft- a fit and healthy moorcroft would easily get a game in today’s team. He provided pressure, nastiness, goals. Raz has him covered for pure talent and skills though

Wallis- genuine hard nut, who was also nasty. Hooker has him covered for marking

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I understand that, but Hooker - definitely.

By the way… Wallis would’ve gotten slaughtered as a back in the team Hurley has had to play with over his career. Would’ve provided zero drive and had millions of goals kicked on him. Slot Hurls into the 2000 team however and he would’ve been AA regularly. So I change my mind, Hurley ahead of wallis as well.


The traits aren’t mutually exclusive. I’d argue Hawthorn & Clarkson in particular has mastered arrogance & intimidation being a big part of their success as well leadership & innovation.

Sounds like Rampe has all 4 attributes to me

On talent, sure.