Current List Vs 2000 GF team


Oh my lord, no.
You’re going to put Hurley or Hooker on Carey?
You’re going to trust Hurley or Hooker to intimidate the opposition?
You’re going to ask Hurley or Hooker to take someone out?



Can you imagine Luke Parker and rampe acting the way they did on Friday night against that 2000 team. They would of ended up in body bags


At his best, Carlisle is a far better fit in the 2000 team than either of those two.


Hooker on Carey - thats a matchup I’d pay to see. He dominated us every time we played so I think its fair to say Hooker couldn’t have fared much worse.

I remember Wally roughing up Schwarz at the start of the GF & he had very little influence on the game so thats something Hooker couldn’t replace but I’d still back Chook 1 on 1 to beat a key forward before Wally. In that side with so many other hard nuts its less an issue. Imagine Wallis in our side now - the 2 or 3 games a year between suspensions would be entertaining.


Great thread.

I think there’s a few changes I’d make, assuming that current era players are playing to their capacity:

Fantasia for Moorcroft
Hooker for Wallis - intercept marks a-plenty
Daniher for Alessio - mobile second ruck / forward to Barnes
Smith for Barnard (yes I know he kicked 4)
Zerrett for Blumfield (yes I know he nearly won the NSM!)


Todays side would cream them.

The 2000 side are all middle aged generally overweight men, riddled with arthritis…

Hirdy and Fletch might still go ok.


I think Hooker is tough enough. Wallis used to hit people, you can’t do that in this day and age. Hurls has the rage in him but because of the times he has supressed the beast. Carlisle is a no for me - just a big sook and softy.


Yep, only 4 or 5 max would make that side, and then you’ve also got Rioli who missed a big chunk of 2000 because of the coller bone injury.


If both teams played to their potential and I had to pick a winner - I would pick the 2019 team.

2019 would be too fast for them.

Maybe I just overate our list like others have here.


Hypothetical 2009 vs 2019 Testimonial Match please.


We literally only 5 days ago lost to the bottom team, and you think these guys could beat a team that only lost 1 game for the year?


I’m still not certain we would beat them.


The 2000 team would lose due to modern day tactics alone.


Maybe if Hooker and/or Hurley were born 20 years earlier and played in that era it’s possible they’d have taken someone out. Hard to tell with today’s players given they play in such a sanitised era. Actually I wonder who would’ve been our enforcers if we transplanted the current team into the 90s? I reckon Stringer would’ve been a monty, Bellcho perhaps, Smith and Bags would’ve been the Johnson types.


Bellchambers or Daniher for Alessio.
Fantasia for Moorcroft
Hurley for Wallis
Shiel for Blumfield
Stringer for Barnard
Merrett for Heffernan


You people replacing Blumfield in that side have lost the plot.


I think people have forgotten how good Blumfield was playing 1999-2000. Also I think people are overrating Wallis. He would never have beaten Carey. He used to make dumb football decisions and was injured half the time. Only thing he was good at was being nasty. One of Sheedys favourites.


How about Rd 8 2009



  • Heath Hocking
  • Tayte Pears
  • Henry Slattery


  • Courtenay Dempsey
  • Cale Hooker
  • Adam McPhee


  • David Zaharakis
  • Brent Stanton
  • Jason Winderlich


  • Angus Monfries
  • Matthew Lloyd
  • Sam Lonergan


  • Bachar Houli
  • Jay Neagle
  • Alwyn Davey


  • Patrick Ryder
  • Jobe Watson
  • Andrew Lovett


  • Ricky Dyson
  • David Myers
  • Nathan Lovett-Murray
  • Tom Bellchambers


Jobe gets a jumper.


That is genuinely one of the worst sides I have ever seen.