Current List Vs 2000 GF team


Sheeds never played favourites




The 2000 team wouldn’t know how to combat the congestion of todays game without proper training they’d be suffocated. Our 2000 team was a great 1 on 1 team today’s footy is rarely 1 on 1.

These discussions are impossible to have but like crazy people we have them haha.


Oh boy you have just reminded me we have wasted over 10 years waiting for David Myer’s leadership qualities to turn him into a superstar.

If only he used his leadership skills and said ■■■■ no to Dank would I actually be happy he is still on the list.


If that’s the only deficiency you can think of with Wallis you’re not thinking hard enough :joy:


:joy: … except for all of his favorites


That 2000 team is the white to the 2019 black, one side was the very definition of ruthless never take the foot of the gas pressure and attack, while the other takes the foot off the gas the first moment they feel they can

Would belt them by 300 odd


No they wouldn’t. They would have adapted.


true for 2000, but eventually over time this side drifted into doing just that - taking the foot off the gas - and became Essington.


Exactly. Role for role it’s not a question of Wallis v Hurley/Hooker, it’s Walis v Ambrose.

Also in OP, I thought this was a bit tough on poor Tippa:


It’s easier just to compare them to other sides/players in their own era.
Our 2000 side would be 7-8 goals better than our current one based off ladder position and results.
Our current side contains 6 recent All Australians so to suggest those 6 aren’t better than the likes of Wallis etc is basically saying you rate Wallis as highly as Fletcher, Wellman, Gaspar, Hay etc who were AA during 1998-2002


I think it’s pretty easy to define the day that happened. When the club decided that they could pick and choose when to bring “it”. And the media and fans loved them so much that day.


Today’s side would win quite easily. The game has evolved so much in 19 years. The 2000 team would continually bomb it down the line to out numbered situations and would have no idea how to cover a proper switch


I would go

Merret over Misiti

Saad over Solomon

Stringer over Rama

Fantasia over Blumfield

Hurley over Wallis

Not saying the players replaced are no good just think the replacements would be better.


As good as Merret is, he hasn’t come close to producing the midfield work the Smokin’ Joe consistently produced - IMO.


Well part of this project is to adjust for that. It’s comparing players not game style. If you want to go that argument then 2000 would belt 2019… literally and 18 out of our current 22 would be too scared to get the ball.


Of course, this is talking in the sense of if both squads were at the same age playing in the same competition in the same year. Of course the bottom side from 2019 would spank the premier side from 1920 if played with 1920 tactics compared to 2019 ones, but we are talking talent, attitude, footy skills comparison.


oh, well then this current side would get spanked so hard they wouldn’t be able to sit down for 3 weeks.

It’s kind of sad.


Really? Not sure if serious…


I get that view of the North comeback… I think round 5, 2000 was more arrogant… absolutely destroying Carlton… Sheeds makes some cute moves and let them kick 7 goals in the final term… they then get a run on in the season and probably only a Kouta injury away from challenging us is the 2000 finals.