Current List Vs 2000 GF team


Fantasia for Blumfield
Saad for Solomon
McGrath for Moorcroft
Hurley or Hooker for Wallis


Hurley or Hooker ahead of Wallis would be a no-brainer. I’d possibly pick Ambrose ahead of Wallis too.


I still want to know whether we’re playing this in 2000 or 2019.

In any case, I find the idea of dropping the enforcer from the team with the most successful season of all time for a role-playing plodder that can’t beat 18th quite risible.


You obviously don’t actually remember Essendon WCE games from the mid 00s.


I reckon Wallis’ influence as an enforcer was and is grossly overstated. There were tougher players in the back line alone like Solomon, MJ and Hardwick.

Wallis was a role playing plodder who averaged 8 games a year over 15 seasons. And I think he was gifted plenty of those games over more deserving players.

As the years go by the myth of Wallis as this feared brute grows, and the memories of the baths he was given by a host of players fade.


I was very happy with his efforts in the 1993 and 2000 Grand Finals. He did exactly what was required.


I’m not sure i get what your point is?


Still can’t believe people would pick this bloke over 2 All Australians.
There’s literally 3 videos of him playing on YouTube and this is 2 of them.


Watch our last two grand finals.
Lol. Excuse me, winning grand finals.
Do not watch 2001.


I have.
Wallis’s combined contribution was to clean up Hana and a 19 y/old Brad Green.
I doubt there’s a coach in AFL history that’s picking him over either Hurley or Hooker.
And his stats in the ‘00 prelim?
1 kick, 1 handball, 1 tackle, a single 1%er and 2 frees against


He was solid in both games but not in our best dozen players in either.


I could’ve played CHB in the 00 grand final.

I’d consider picking Ambrose over Wallis.
Hurley and Hooker? Not even a question.


Okay, you’re being very silly now.


I remember him as plenty tough - but that was just about all he had going for him.

Can’t imagine any coach picking him over Hurley or Hooker, under any circumstances.
He was a role player who happened to play in 2 flags. Good effort.


I remember he played on Carey in a pre season game once. He won the fights quite convincingly (which is no small feat, mind you) but Carey still kicked 6, potentially in a half.

I’m fairness, Wallis’ 2000 season was pretty damn good, many levels above anything else he did in any other year of his career. If the selection criteria here is based purely on that season, he probably gets a game in front of Ambrose.


I’m silly?
Or the one poster who is disagreeing with every other poster here + the all Australian selection committee?


I’m arguing specifically against Ambrose.
Hooker is fantastic, no argument there.
Would you have him and Fletcher? Don’t know.
And if it’s either or then it’s no contest.

I personally wouldn’t have Hurley over Wallis.
Hurley is clearly the better player but simply doesn’t have the presence that Wallis brought to that team.
Again, I suggest you watch those Grand Finals.

So I concede there are points for the other two, but Ambrose is just absolute farking nonsense.


Yep. About sums him up.

Lovable, though.


Hurley is clearly the better player but simply doesn’t have the presence that Wallis brought to that team

Wow lol


It’s kind of funny when you see the complaints some people make about the current team.

I don’t see how you can have it both ways, but that’s fine.
That’s my opinion.
You’re all welcome to your own.

Except on Ambrose. Argue he’s the best third tall back of Essendon’s last ten years before you try to slip him into the 2000 side.