Damien Barrett

Where do I start for my hatred toward this snooping, d grade journo. He is a weasel, who takes aim at ending footy players careers through irrelevant newsbreaking.

He quite clearly has a vengeance against this club and has been the author of much innuendo in an attempt to bring this club to its knees.

Whether its one sided stories about the ASADA saga on the footy show, or simply saying that Jack Riedwoldt should have kicked the ball harder at the Essendon cheer squad in the last quarter of dreamtime at the 'G, or even the article today claiming that its a disgrace that Essendon are allowed to pay legal fees outside of the salary cap, I have had it with him.

He never has anything positive to say about any players and is conspiring against this club.

Is it just me, or is he the number one person on the list of people who will hear all about it once the infraction notices are dropped?



Agree he is an absolute turd-muncher.

Just read his 'article' on AFL.com.au...


Muckraking at it's finest.

Little known fact: was 'the gimp' in pulp fiction. 

Who cares about him?

Little known fact: was 'the gimp' in pulp fiction. 

i blame butch for not finishing him off.

Little known fact: was 'the gimp' in pulp fiction. 


and who could forget his heart warming role as Paul Pfeiffer in the Wonder Years. 

Let's not waste threads on excreta people.  

He hates us, he hates the game.  


deal with it.

I just see his name and I feel sick. Lowest form of life.

He's a no name and a loser. He has no credibility in football and will eventually go way if people don't pay attention to him.

he needs an empty

[quote name=“mattmcp” post=“218639” timestamp=“1402107168”]

puprle headed warrior[/quote]

Surely it’s a euphemism for ■■■■■?

Can’t believe they call him that constantly if so