Darcy D’s little brother

IMO he gave a reasonable effort and got a 4 goal return. However his game was far from perfect. Gave away a couple of silly free kicks, dived a couple of times, at least one OOBOTF, only 2/6 marks were contested, only got 1 HO when he was rucking. The goals were good (though one was a gimme, there was another that he had no business getting, so they sort of balanced each other out,) the rest of his game wasn’t what you’d be wanting to pay big $ for.

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In a successful team he is an asset because Brisbane can afford his bad kicking and he’s useful around the ground and draws defenders. Plus they have Cameron and McCray to make up for his poor kicks. But he’d be a liability in a struggling team

Still find it very difficult watching him tbh. Things are so encouraging for us currently, but still can’t help but think what may have been.

I’ll think I’ll always be very disappointed with his decision.


this thread needs to be closed already.

he moved on from the EFC, mentally, years ago. Its time we did as well.


I love Dodoro at the end.

That he made a decision to cut it and run, when things weren’t as rosy at the club as they could have been last year, makes you realise we are better off without him.

Physically, could’ve been anything - mentally, not of the standard you want in your top paid players. Front runner… We dodged a bullet i reckon - now time to move on.


Nah. I still want a thread to celebrate every single time he kicks one out on the full.


He’s a cheat who can’t kick straight.

Kicked four goals last night, two from staging, one was a fluke from the wrong side that he misses 97 times out of 100. Next three weeks he will do nothing.

And his ridiculous unrealistic attempts at marks, HUMOUR!!!

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His ruck work remains utterly woeful.


Yep. I reckon two out of every three boundary throw ins he didn’t even bother competing.

Fraud is closer to the mark I reckon

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Done for staging… just a fine

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Yeah didn’t like the staging fine. I thought he needed to fall forward due to momentum and the ump just shouldn’t have paid it. Was obviously not a push in the back.

Joe could have not put Mayo on, but really wouldn’t have been much of a different movement.

Lions have already said they won’t appeal it.

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What did Leroy do to get suspended for staging again? Was it as bad as this one?

Edit - “Jetta received no more than a written reprimand for the staging incident because it was his first offence and the Bombers decided against challenging that charge as well.”

why do we have a thread dedicated to a opposition player?

To laugh about how little we miss him



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