De Goooey, bring him in or not?

There is a fair amount of polarisation going on in the Pies thread about the antics of Jordy. Would Blitzers want the club to recruit him if available next year, or not?
I am on my phone right now, and can’t find the poll option, l will edit one in later.




Who hacked CJs account


How do you think Merrett, Parish, McGrath et al will respond to bringing a d**khead in at $800k-$1m? Will crush any culture we’re building if we sign him.


I just tried to build a Poll re DeGropey & which Clubs might be interested.
The Blitz website refused to allow it. Wouldn’t have a bar (graph) of him.

So I’m taking that as a definite sign - No


pretty sure there’s a trade speculation thread CJ

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We’re the wrong club at the wrong time.

■■■■ no haven’t we been working on building our culture up for years? why would you add a known toxic and questionable dude to that


Hard pass.

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There is, but l felt De Goooey deserved his own thread.


He’ll be great for all our kids wouldn’t he. Show em the ropes…


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What are the chances of us getting JDG:

  • That’s difficult to say; we really don’t…
  • Not good
  • One in a million
  • so you’re telling me there’s a chance?

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I don’t think De Goey will leave the Pies. I wouldn’t say no if he became available.
I’d much rather the club spent big bucks on a KPP (forward or back) who dominates week in, week out. We desperately need an AA tall.

Rejection and a big pay cut on offer from the Pies aka “consequences” might just make him grow up and make sure his antics are kept behind closed doors ( where they should be), in future.

At 26 he might actually finally learn a lesson . Hmm. Probably not.

Nope. Jordan can DeFuckOff.


I really hope we go nowhere near him. He brings trouble and negative publicity everywhere he goes. This guy is a recidivist, and at 26 if he hasn’t matured by now he never will. People talk about Stringer but since he’s been at Essendon he’s stayed away from trouble off the field at the very least. For the money you’d have to stump up to get him, it’s too much of a risk for a bloke who could end up in jail.


i say we should be up to our eyeballs in it then he re-signs with collingwood at the 11th hour and we miss out on actual targets and nino sooks about no trades.