Dempsey - Back to VFL (tick) - Back to AFL!


Club Statement

April 3, 2014 4:55 PM





Essendon defender Courtenay Dempsey will not be available for senior selection until further notice after failing to meet the standards and expectations set by the playing group and football club.

As a consequence, Courtney will train with the club's VFL side until he consistently meets the professional standards required.

Courtenay is currently undergoing rehabilitation for a hamstring strain and will return to the VFL squad once fully fit.

Senior coach Mark Thompson said it was a tough but necessary course of action.

“Courtenay is a talented player and an important member of our team. We‘ll give him the necessary support required to regain the consistent standards we expect of him as a player at this football club,” Thompson said.

“We felt that Courtenay needed to understand that we can‘t accept individuals stepping outside of team protocols and requirements.”

“We sat down with Courtenay and discussed the reasons why his training standards had dropped, and as a result we agreed the best way forward for him was to go back and train with the VFL side.”

 The club will not be making any further comment on this matter.


What a shame on a number of fronts.

The pre season murmerings were most likely on the money. Hope the lad gets his head in the right space for the second half of the season. In full flight he adds another dimension to our backline.

If my memory serves me well, didn't Bomba or Hird one year joke when he had his knee reconstruction that it was hard to get Dempsey back to the club cause he was enjoying himself too much away from the club and had to come back for rehab?


Is this the same thing?


Really disappointing for both demps and the club, but on the bright side we can get more games into Gleeson and hopefully Dalgliesh.

Needs to get his S**t together. Anyone would kill to have the opportunity to play AFL, always annoys me when guys take it for granted.

Is it really that hard to follow team rules?

Fark no

Missed him last week - would have curbed rioli's influence enough for us to win the game.

Four week penalty I think from the leadership group.


Worked wonder for Steve Johnson, hopefully Dempsey turns it around just as much.


Really disappointing from Dempsey; along with being one of our most important players, he’s also a favourite of mine. Hopefully the penny drops and he rocks the second half of the season.

I think there is more going on behind the scene than what we are seeing.

sigh, just what we didn't need. He is such a vital component to the side. He needs to get it together. Can we put him on the LTI, until he gets it together. Gives him 4 weeks to recover, then another 4 weeks to do a mini pre-season.

I think there is more going on behind the scene than what we are seeing.

Good. This sort of thing is best dealt with in house. Leave the media out of it.


He has been punished by the leadership group, nothing further needs to be said. Hopefully he'll sort himself out.

Tough love. Needed. The leadership group stepping in and doing what they must. Now it is all up to Dempsey. Valuable player but needs to get his act together. 

I could not give a stuff anymore.Just give Gleeson his position.We need players who will give their all for the team and who are not injury prone.