Desperate in Bangkok

So… I am on holiday in Thailand. My hotel has internet that is literally worse than dialup. I went to sleep last night and all was well. I got up this morning to discover that Microsoft had decided that now is a good time to download and install the win10 update.

That’s basically bricked my laptop. Is there anyone out there who knows someone in bangkok that could help? All I really need is to get a rescue disk that I can boot from so that I can recover my data before doing a system recovery.

If you were really desperate, you’d be heading to Pattaya…

Can you do the system reboot option that keeps your files? Don’t always need a recovery disk for that.

Lol. No, that would be too easy.


@Captain Jack … didn’t you have a net cafe here at some stage

Ooh. A net. Cafe would be perfect. All I need is a copy of win7 really.

It seems that the first thing this win10 update did was bork the recovery partition. Why on earth it would touch that is beyond me. sigh

Oh, sure. When you want something.
You’re such a tease.

Funny how Microsoft so often causes desperation.

Anyone else immediately think Prison or Ladyboys or both when they seen Desperate in Bangkok ?

I think I’d happily spend a night with a ladyboy if they brought over a win7 disc.

Wimm, have you missed me?

In the end was there a happy ending?

Well, if you ever look at the settings Windows10 does steal all your details like a shifty prostitute. It’s a spy.

Wimm, have you missed me?

Don’t make me say it…

Wimm, have you missed me?

Don’t make me say it in front of the blitzers…

OK. I won’t. :slight_smile: Thanks for the tips. In the end I got a tuk tuk to pantip plaza, bought a pirated copy of win7 for $6AU and reinstalled. Then got back to my hotel and realized I’d been really dumb, headed back out to a netcaf with a usb stick to download the drivers I needed.

Back online.

I’d help but I’m only staying just the one night