Devil's Advokaat: an off-season hypothetical dilemma

No. The reason being that by saying no to us being in the GF, l am also saying no the Blooos winning #17.

No, that would be like French kissing your sister, your mother and your grandmother. There are certain things in life you just do not do.



Ah, the fabled ‘Franco-Russian Doll’. Not for the faint of heart, or dubious of incest mind you.

Is the next stage “then Essendon win the next 3 flags?”

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also, yeah i’d pull the lever or whatever

Id prefer to see neither Essendon or Carlton win another grand final again, than see us lose to Carlton in a GF.

If Carlton won 1 and Essendon won 8?

…offer accepted.



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I would take it

I get to be proud of us for making the GF and having a great year

And I get to be bitter and lay into the club for losing to Carlton

That’s a win-win for me


The first finals win breaking the drought would be a in from me.

but it would be like kyrgios making the wimbledon final. surprise everyone we got there. Everyone knows we wont go all the way.

Its the lisp.