Dimma’s laptop

Is officially the biggest sliding door moment in Football history.

Think about the run on and various chains of events from that moment in time. It’s blowing my mind.


So everything is basically Hawthorns fault.


While true, I still can’t believe he wasn’t prepared. Probably a massive learning moment for him as well.

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So depressing. Especially considering they could have just asked him to comeback the next day knowing the issues.


you expected reasonableness from the absolute basket cases that were running our club back then?


Reasonableness? He wasn’t prepared. One thing as a coach you need to be prepared. The next thing is you need to adjust when things aren’t going well.

He wasn’t ready for the gig. Unfortunately.

He would’ve been sacked as our coach long before now if we’d hired him and seen the results he produced. Blitz meltdown.


To be fair to the basket case… no Board would overlook something like that… nor should they.

■■■■ Hawthorn.

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He would have been chewed up and spat out.

As any coach would have been replacing Sheedy in 2008.

It was a lame duck position unfortunately for Knights.


Do not believe everything you read
They had to find a good reason to appoint Matthew knights ahead of dimma I guess

Why should anyone bother to even try for a position at the big melbourne club that had the worst facilities in the entire competition?

Would have only taken him 10 years to eventually get us into a grand final.

Lol. As if Dimma would have been given the time to get it right he has at Fkmond at the EFC.

Blitz et al would have had him long gone years ago in Knights fashion.

Richmond finally learnt the lesson of not dumping the Coach due to the ferals, and it’s paid off for them, and that, is the only way that we are in any danger of becoming the “New Richmond”


I always forget the Knights years.

We haven’t had the chance to sit with a coach for a Long period of time. We would have liked it to be Hird which was really unfortunate.

I think Worsfold is the best thing to happen for the club for along time. There is question marks on a few minor areas, but nothing too concerning.

We need to give the club time to settle with the coach. But no doubt we need to bring in new players.


Blake Caracella


We’d still have Dodoro so we’d still likely have a plodder midfield


It’s taken him 10 years to make it and he still hasn’t won it yet.
If you haven’t made atleast a Prelim by year 6 or 7 you should be out the door

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I try to but can’t


There was some amazing games during a 6-7 week period in 2009. (And some train wrecks)


He’s taken 9? years to win a final. In the same timespan we’ve sacked 3 coaches for getting that far.