Ding dong

Re-signed 2 years

Who is Ding Dong lol

■■■■ yeah!

In all seriousness that’s a big FU to the Giants

Fantastic news.exodus continues! Fark you afl and vlad…now for crammers.


Good work Bellcho!! Now get in Crammers ear about doing something similar!!

orage pants.

Come on Crammers FINISH THIS

How much $$?

Only 2 yrs?

Exodus, Lining up to leave...balh blah blah blag


Great Stuff Tommy...great news, super news

Only 2 yrs?

Yeah noted.

Mass exodus continues hey Caro.


Good stuff from Bello, will be very important for us moving forward.

'nuff said!!!!


MASS exodus.

Only 2 yrs?

Yep. Will aim for a big one after that.

In all seriousness that's a big FU to the Giants

and therefore the AFL...

orage pants.

The pants you wear to an Irish rage party??