Dinner party for the ages


I’m going for funny loose ■■■■■, a few classier and few not so, being that I can fit perfectly in the middle. Got to be down to earth and a good heart.

Joey Diaz
Brendan Fevola
Ryan Reynolds
James Hatfield
Prince Harry

You’d have fun.


Gough Whitlam
Jeff Buckley
Michael Collins
Jennifer Connelly

In the hope that Buckley doesn’t cut my lunch.


I would’ve invited @Diggers but I’m not sure if his passport is current.


Who’s Joey Diaz


Secede damn you


Comedian who does a lot with Joe Rogan.

I wouldn’t call him a smart comedian, he just tells funny stories about himself and he has done a lot of crazy stuff in his life.


Jesus would be great. So many unanswered questions.

Wouldn’t be able to serve bacon though.


isn’t this the question where people always suggest:

Muhammad Ali
Jesus Christ
Martin Luther King

but then I disappointingly throw a spanner in:
The two blokes who invented the Melways


I wish Joey Diaz was as funny as Rogan constantly tells everybody he is.

In keeping with that theme, I’d rather have Bert at the party.


Inviting stoners to a party for the stimulating conversation?

Bold strategy, Cotton.


Have you even stoned, bro?

You may not make it past 10.30pm, but the conversation will be damn interesting.


Haha. I’m not sure who I was replying to there, the poster’s name has gone. They had a good list.


Well I could invite Noam Chomsky et al. But let’s be honest I’m not going to be able to contribute and will just sit their as an observer. I may as well watch a ted talk on youtube.


Is interesting?
Or seems interesting, to the also-stoned ?


He’s not a funny comedian at all, but him telling stories all night would be funny.

I could do Bert in his place similar theme really. The piece he does about The Machine cracks me up every time.


If you don’t think deep-dives on the collapse of building 7, the true power of the Rothschild’s and how Jim Morrison was CIA operative, are interesting…

Then I don’t know what to tell you HAP.


Damn need to invite Eddie Bravo then.


‘I betcha I could hit that light with my one good arm behind my back,’ says little Joey Diaz


still rate mine from '16 too…must have been on a brunette trip


Those italians need a lesson to be taught.