Disgraceful EFC - Extending pokies license to 2042


That’s usually enough time to drop $200.


I want to be clear. I am talking about a machine that is programmed to make the end users lose and uses psychological methods to try and reel you in until you’re hopelessly addicted. This is what they are designed for. To fleece you. That is the aim. And, unfortunately, it works on a lot of people who can least afford it.


Or at least operate them underground so nobody knows about it that way both sides win. (I just read that and I don’t even know what it means)


Well there is always e-sports and NBL, think the fans are on board with those 2.


It’s thinking business.


For me we are already looking at other potential revenue streams.

That NBL licence we were looking to get our hands on
That water park to be built behind Tullamarine

I would love to see us join the recovering live music scene Melbourne has. Essendon as a suburb is already down 1 live music venue since O’Sullivans became a cafe. You only have the Linc and the Royal in that marketplace. I’m sure our own ageing rocker Simon Madden and his band Better Late Than Never would love to play gigs at Windy Hill!

Let’s be proactive and grow our revenue…instead of just maintaining the status quo just for the sake of maintaining the status quo.


Not everyone who guys a gun kills people.

Get some mother farking EFC branded glocks in the Bombershop ASAP


Changing our name to collingwood could be legal and bring us more cash. Why don’t we do that too?


Or use our $11m revenue p/y to lobby the banning of pokies entirely.


Ban pokes entirely? Not until the government can find a replacement income stream


Ban sport in general. People get hurt. People sometimes get killed. Sport may as well as be as bad as nuclear proliferation. Dissolve planet earth while we are at it because people die.


I agree it is disgraceful. Not sure why my club should be exploiting the weak willed for a couple of extra bucks on the side.

Particularly when:

I’m not even sure we’re making that much money from it:


I hate poker machines. Venues that have them feel like they are shrouded in a mist of despair.

I hate the fact that my footy club raises revenue from poker machines.

This feels to me like the start of the end of our involvement.


Congratulations, you just won your Year 7 debating competition


So do Sportsbet ads


So do cougar bourbon ads.


I hope so. But it doesn’t sound like the end is coming for another twenty four years.


Almost as puerile as your “hey etc may as well start selling guns” point


Good business decision at this point in time. It will also a be a good business decision when we get out of them - which is clearly going to be sooner rather than later (see e-sports, NBL, etc). EDIT. Noticed the term till 2040 - regardless, think that all indicates a lessening reliance.

Having made so many fkn ■■■■ terrible business decisions over the past ten years, not sure why we are going to complain about a good one right now.


I think you’re seeing the trees and missing the forest … gotta maximise an asset to get the best value when you sell it.