Disgraceful EFC - Extending pokies license to 2042


Seriously though you should continue rolling out the debating zingers.

“The opposition doesn’t like pokies. You know else didn’t like pokies? Hitler. And we aaaallll know what happened with Hitler don’t we???”


That is exactly your logic.


I know you are but what am I?


Children, … pls




I think you may be missing the point. The extension is not guaranteeing we will operate the pokies until 2043. What it’s doing is maximising value. We now have an ability to sell our assets for more money.

Or are you arguing we should just give away an asset for free because it involves pokies?


I’d rather the club wasn’t involved in pokies but its a legitimate legal business.

We have a sponsorship with a beer company and there are alcoholics in society.

We have a sponsorship with a car company and people speed. Uses fossil.fuels etc.

We have a sponsorship with an air con company which contributes to global.warming via non renewable electricity usage.

We have our best and fairest at crown casino i believe.

We promote esports when chuldhood obesity and general obesity is an issue in society.

I’d have a big issue if the club was actively promoting the pokies with its brand but i suspect via things such as our super funds etc we are all profiting from things like pokies somewhere along the line


I actually want to know what you think of this one BSD.

In the blue corner - a left wing issue that you would normally eat up, in the red corner - your unquestioning love for all things EFC.

Who will win?


Any argument used against pokies could also be applied to the sale of alcohol.

Is this where everything is heading?

■■■■■■ nanny state mickey mouse bollocks


the club has an asset in pokie machines.

pokie machines without a licence are worth significantly less than those with them.

the club is looking to sell that asset and is looking to maximize the value of the asset before sale.

saying that, the sooner we secure alternative revenue streams the better.


It kinda can but when you look deeper they’re totally different. I’m certainly not going to tell anyone what they can and can’t do with their money.
Just saying I’d be very happy if my Footy club was not involved in pokies. I reckon, if you did some research, you would too.


It’s pretty damn hard to blow your entire fortnightly paycheque on alcohol in an evening. You can do it on the pokies easy as breathing.


Currently the DJ, think i might need to play some Barry Manilow for SMJ next.




The words of a man with zero ambition.


Oh look I do understand that point, I really do.

However some clubs, with similar if not identical commercial considerations, are nevertheless making the decision to get out of the game for altruistic reasons.

Personally, I miss the days when EFC was a leader on issues like this.


I really believe that’s what we’re doing. The club have been pretty strong on selling that message, no reason to be stupid in the way they go about it.


Mrs Fox did her PhD on problem gamblers, and her data left me with no doubt that some people with addiction to gambling cause big dramas for themselves and their families, just as those with other addictions do.

But Clubs and Pubs have come a very long way in addressing support and care programs for gambling addicts. Melton Country Club is very strong in this regard.

Understand that it is not just a hive of pokies, and it offers great amenities and activities to all Members.

Reckon some of you should wander all the way to the Melton Country Club and take a look around.

Then go across the freeway to TabCorp Park, even when the nags are not pulling carts around and see the difference. Or go to Macs Hotel and look at the difference.

If you feel so strongly about the EFC position, stand for the Board and work to change it, or stand for Parliament and see how many votes you get.


All well and good … but problem gamblers are the life blood of poker machines.

I’ve no issue with the venue, I have and will always have a problem with something designed to not only take advantage of those with problems but to feed and nourish those problems.


DONS FANS, do you like a punt?