DJ King IV Talk

What are the main problems with DJ King III? How can we fix them (without making things worse) I’ll update the main ideas in this post:

(1) DJ Battle integration: The battle takes place in the DJ King thread. An outgoing DJ can challenge their successor if they want to keep playing. The outgoing DJ chooses the genre. First DJ to 5 votes wins. (Clark_Griswold, JohnRain)

(1.1) DJ Battle sans genre: An outgoing DJ can challenge their successor if they want to keep playing. But, there are no genre/themes. First DJ to 5 votes wins. (JohnRain)

(2) A separate DJ Battle thread: Every spin is two songs (e.g. Sleazy Diggers porn-rock vs Crazy’s cat-wailing Indie pop). (Preliminary_Point2)

(3) Voting on song ‘sets’: DJ puts up a set songs rather than individual tracks. (Deckham)

(4) Seasonal comp. (Kira)

(6) 7-7 vote count. (mrjez)

(6.1) 5 vote lead: (Deckham)

(7) 3-song-set intro: All DJs get to open with a 3-song set. Voters decide whether they’d like the DJ to continue after hearing those three songs. (mrjez)

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Crazy; get rid of the boomers

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What exactly was wrong with the old one again?


Clark Griswold first floated the idea of DJ GLADIATOR/DJ FIGHT CLUB

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DJ battles is good but as a separate thread though tbh can we have two dj threads running? Too many times i cbf listening to the tracks


Put it in the correct category.

Apologies. What is the correct category?

More far king aqua

Not this thread.

The DJ King thread.


Didn’t you move it to the hanger, to make more google ad cash?

That was the rumour at the time.


And as with all good things, … , it went straight to pus after being commercialised.


If you really want to make it crazy, how about the outgoing DJ if they choose, can nominate a theme for the next DJ’s set i.e. songs about surfing/songs about nightclubs/songs about bananas etc. The following DJ gets to pass or fail on how close they get to the theme.

You could also nominate an era i.e. all songs must be from 1982 or 2012 etc.


Ha! That would be fun. Could you imagine forcing Crazy to play Boomer pub-rock :slight_smile: But, don’t you think most people want to play their own stuff when they’re DJ?

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Of course. I’m thinking more along the lines of say a Tuesday night for name the theme, Wednesday night battle, Monday night three song set etc.

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(8) DJ’s have to spin tunes whilst eating wings in the bath.


Whiners have to stop whining.

The thread has been going fine…fark, we’re almost up to 30,000 posts so it can’t be too bad.

We need to stop channeling The AFL with farken rules and more rules…just let the thread work itself out.


Sunday is Royal Rumble day.

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Main thread 7 votes needed. Thread only makes the one change just to speed up spins a little bit. It remains the premier thread for well thought out curated sets. Will the crowd agree.

Seperate threat for battles. 1 v1 or all out warfare. No real rules it changes to suit whoever is in there. I see this thread as being adjacent to the main thread and probably goes through periods where it isn’t used. No need to obsessive over it, you play when you can. This is where some fun can be had. Thursday rave day works well in here. But also those times when it’s 2 in the morning and there’s 3 of you in the main thread you continue on in here knowing you only need a simple majority to keep spinning. But options galore, I want to see a Deckham vs Lifetime country and blues showdown. I want days where it’s just a cheese fest. I want to challenge crazy to see who has better taste in mellenial music :stuck_out_tongue:

Make the two threads very different and make sure the original stays pure to @Diggers original idea.


Friday can be Hawaiian shirt day.


Do you like Pina Coladas?