DJR brings Blitz the 2013 AGM

Contemplating heading along, think it might be interesting.

Has anyone been to an AGM?

Is it long, an open forum? Is it worthwhile going?


I‘ll be there (100 metres from work).

Usually the meeting is short and to the point with the board presenting information that was distributed a few weeks ago. A formality.

In the past they have taken questions from the floor. There might be a little more intensity this time around.

Cheers. Might not be worth the drive with work being a fair way from Moonee Ponds.

Perhaps DJR could provide a summary, or even better, commentary VFL style. I want Little watch.

EFC are going to put up a video summary of the AGM on BomberTV.

I went out of curiosity a few years back. Have been to the last few and am pgoing again tonight.

I’ve been going for years because I can walk to the Clocktower from home.

As dontildeath mentioned, they go through the formalities of the published annual report first and ask for a show of hands to “carry the motion”, etc.

Then they normally give out a few life memberships which can often produce some little gems of stories from the recipients.

They introduce the new recruits to the members and ask them a few predictable questions.

Then they will respond to any questions they received in writing by a week or so ago. They usually take questions from the floor “time permitting”, so if you didn’t get your question in in advance there is no guarantee you will get a chance (but they usually do take a few questions and this year there will likely be several!).

Hird just came in and sat with the players. Got applause for that.

Hirdy here.

Looks like just enough seats here (including the balcony).

Thanks for the updates peeps.

Any save sheddy types?

Hird’s base salary is 750k.

Corcoran not asked to be without pay despite also being suspended.

Have assessed over 20 CEO options.

Crowd all seem happy. So far!

Message from Jobe on the big screen.

What are they saying

why can hirdy attend the AGM but not the Christmas party?

Little done, was a decent speech. Brasher giving finance report.

3.939710m expenses of investigation et al.

Underlying profit 744k.