Do the bombers ‘spark joy’?

I hate books that tell you how to live your life but honestly maybe it’s time for me to Marie Kondo these ■■■■■ until the club can put something on the park that resembles consistency.

I’ve spent over $10k on memberships since our last premiership. I’ve wasted more time than that. I’ve spent roughly 1200 hours watching games live or on the TV where we chose whether or not to turn up.

I’ve spent thousands of hours defending the club in public and online, including doing my level best to justify defend our stupid actions during the saga. I’ve wasted a shitload of time on here.

I’ve got nothing but moments of brilliance mixed with hours of disappointment back.

It’s obvious when we are going to lose. It’s more obvious when we are going to cough up a big lead and win or lose by a goal. It’s most obvious when we are going to get flogged, because we just don’t turn up. We are predictable in our utter capitulation.

There is nothing about this club that sparks joy. Convince me otherwise, because I’m just about done.


This has definitely been the most testing period as a supporter for me. I remember when we had a rare bad year when I was a kid and I wouldn’t be happy, Mum always said “I grew up in the 70s and we were ■■■■ back then so you’ve been very lucky!” I wasn’t around then, but those who have been on here, has this last 15 years been worse than the 70s? Similar?

I can understand people losing faith and questioning their commitment, but I’ll never bail on this club. Through the good and the bad I’ll always be there, even though I’ll use this forum as a vehicle to vent my frustrations at the club. The mediocrity at the club is deep seated and now it’s a cultural issue where near enough is good enough and just being an AFL player seems to be enough for some of the most senior players, and that’s the biggest concern. We’ve got to get the off-field right before the on-field comes good. Unfortunately that won’t happen with this board. They might be nice people and their heart may be in the right place, but they are not able to see what we see, and that’s a club that is meandering along, just happy to make finals (let alone win them) that lacks the ruthlessness to make the hard decisions to get this club back where it belongs. That day will come, I just hope it’s not another 10-15 years!


If you fold your joy up into neat, tidy little parcels, you’ll fit more in.


Am not going to get into how much money or hours I’ve spent over the years, will say

EFC have brought me a lot of joy and a lot of heartache/despair. It just goes with following a team/sport.

I hang in, in the hope that there will be joy again.

Nothing good lasts forever, but nothing bad lasts forever either.


Pretty sure this is the deal with supporting sport…real sport that is.

Its the ups and downs.

If your upset at all the downs then pfft, you don’t get it.

How many flags have foundation members of the Giants witnessed?


What about the people who spend their nights following the Gold Coast at that miserable excuse for a stadium?

Maybe a club closer to home. StKilda, North, Melbourne.

And yes there are plenty of Australians all like that…

Harden up and grow a pair.

Actually don’t.

Just ■■■■ off and watch something like premier league soccer where success is just bought.


All i know is how sorry I feel for Essendon fans in Melbourne after last night. At least i could go out with friends and try to forget football today. Joy is not the word I would use to describe what essendon is giving me so far in 2020. If anything it’s making a bad year worse.

They spark Joy absolutely.

I was as high as a kite during the 2nd Qrt blitz.

But hit the earth rather hard. Of course better to hit the earth rather than a person.

Anyway, it can also cause depression or anxiety when we are pathetic or bad.

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Not worth letting the fortunes of your sporting team dictate your wellbeing. If it is causing you serious emotional stress, time to take a step away and remember it’s just a game and in the scheme of life- it aint a big deal.


Thanks RTBC, I’m fine well-being wise, I’m just over it. I’ve played sport in teams that lost every week but tried their guts out, I’ve never played for a team that was so capable of brilliance but chose when it showed up.

Appreciate the checkup though


Not going to lie, it’s getting Pretty hard to tell people I’m an essendon supporter

I never had any problem with telling people who I supported during the saga years. Becuase I truly believed in the club and what they stood for

But now…it’s just embarrassing. I don’t know what we stand for anymore.just the meek acceptance that the club gives out when we lose, get toweled up in finals, Cop terrible umpiring again and again,post match press conferences where the coach gives absolutely no answers to supporters( ditto the videos for members after the game). Treating members as cash cows instead of the actual lifeblood of a club etc

I don’t think I have ever felt more more apathetic and disgruntled with the club than I have at this moment in time. Which breaks my heart in a way Because I have loved this club And it’s been such a huge part of my life since I was little kid

So in answer to your question- no. No they don’t


I love the emotions of game day. Its such a great release. And jts all just a bloody game.

Entertainment. Last night was a part drama, lart action part comedy, part tragedy.


I hear you brother

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I have numbed myself to it now. The saga really drained my passion for the club and for football. I have different priorities in my life, first and foremost being my own wellbeing. I still love going to the footy with mates, it’s a great weekly social event.
Once you come to the realisation that this is just a game, and there a far more important aspects of life to devote your time and energy, the better you will be.
I look back at the anguish and turmoil I used to feel when we lost and I now realise it was all fruitless. We as supporters have no say in the results, the bounce of the ball, umpiring or the running of the club, we are in a boat with no oars, moving with the tide.
Believe me when I say, it is best to let go and unchain yourself emotionally.


You just described my life.

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You should have been around in the 70’s
@barnz will attest that period was a real struggle for joy.


Marie Kondo is 4ft 7 inches…

I wonder if she could play CHF?


Its all our lives brother…

Aint it great.

And nothing beats a ■■■■ day than a good nights sleep.

Can’t sleep after a win though!

But it’s not just a game.

It’s a business and it’s orchestrated and it’s manufactured.

And that’s why I have lost interest.

Sure - the club disappoints in their insipidness - is that actually a word? But the love for EFC will always be there.

It’s the state of the game and the powers to be that have destroyed any joy I ever got out of our club and the game.


I’m pretty sure when you choose your football you stick with them for better or for worse, in sickness or in health etc

Or was that choosing your wife? I forgot… but I’m sticking with both