Do the bombers ‘spark joy’?

Yeah I’m getting to that point mate. I’ve got lots of good things going on, there is one three hour period of my week when I’m completely subject to whether a bunch of blokes who decide when to turn up actually show

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Couldn’t see insipidness last night.

More the administration

All the more reason to stick fat with the boys wearing red and black who nearly won last night.

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I think this has been spoken about before in a range of threads.

My view is that if it’s no longer fun - walk away.

This is supposed to be a recreational activity. It’s supposed to be fun. That means that you enjoy when they win, and you’re disappointed when they lose but you hope they’ll win next time. That’s it.

Yes of course there are going to be times where it is intensely frustrating and irritating. Of course. But I think if people are finding that that feeling is happening all the time to them, then they need to go and find a new hobby for their own mental health.

One final thing - I am sure that the pandemic is also impacting on people’s reactions this year. All we really want is to escape from the world for two hours and watch them have a win. When they don’t, and then you have to return to the existential nightmare that is 2020, I am sure that must be intensifying people’s frustrations. The reaction to the last few losses on here has been particularly ferocious even by Blitz standards.

Look after yourselves people.


Seriously? We went into our shell as soon as the effort was matched

Also if you want hard luck supporting a team, my grandfather supported the Bulldogs his entire life to see one measly flag. He lived over 90 years, and those ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ bulldogs gave him nothing most of his life then after he died they won their second flag. ■■■■ them


Well put. I’m all good, the bombers are the only ■■■■ thing in my week at the moment, but if anyone needs an ear or a shoulder let me know, would be happy to lend one


Listening to a podcast recently with a philosopher discussing Liverpool winning the premier league after 30 years.

He was talking about the supporters, that the more time, energy and emotion you invest in something, the more you love.

The longer that you don’t get your needs met by that love, the greater the pleasure when it finally happens.

We’re currently in the longest premiership drought this club has seen. It’s the longest period where we haven’t won a final. Then you add the trauma of the saga, with bullying, stress and Mental health… which many of us went through. It will be the greatest And it will be the most satisfying premiership win (in the clubs history) when it happens.


Understand this, the players don’t feel the way we do about the club. Following them on social media and seeing them playing golf, partying and living it up after losses is eye opening. The players aren’t experiencing sleepless nights, breaking phones, arguing with loved ones or crying as a result of losses.
Its a challenging time for all of us, least of all becuase of the football. It’s important to take care of yourself, family and mates right now.


I spoke recently of having to self regulate my tv viewing of the club’s matches. To paraphrase it was having a toxic effect on family relationships. I’ve since avoided watching the past two matches which, if BB is anything to go by, is a good thing. I’ve noticed, and others have commented, that not watching the games has had a positive impact on a number of levels. Not sure what it means in the long term- how do you barrack for a team you don’t or won’t watch. EFC has been part of my life for 50+ years but I just can’t hack certain parts of being a supporter. Anyway.


A petulant 50 metre penalty cocktailed with some disgraceful umpiring decisions and we’re insipid. Really?

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Have you watched this team for the last 15 years? It’s a pattern, it’s not a once off

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I’ve been around the Dons for a lot longer than 15 years.
You’re with them or you’re not.

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We all know Essendon supporters who tend to jump off board, when we aren’t playing well. Then jump back on board when it looks like we’re going to win.

Or people that change clubs, so they can follow a team that’s successful.

The satisfaction levels aren’t as great for those people when their team wins, because they simply haven’t invested as much.


As a lifelong Reds fan it was euphoric seeing us break the drought. The amount of false dawns and near misses made you think it would never happen. However with a stable ownership/administration and finally appointing the right manager, we turned it around. Didn’t happen right away but you could see progress even from the first season Klopp was in charge and we finished 8th in the league. Made 2 Cup finals with the squad he inherited mid-season, then bit by bit he built the team he wanted, got the right players in. Success has followed. When the day comes that we finally reach the summit again it will be similarly glorious!


Absolutely superb perspective.

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What you want to be is a fair weather band wagon supporter. Jump on for the good times and disappear when it’s lean.

Take pride that your not one of those supporters.

No need to go cold turkey. Watch the kids and enjoy them. Even better watch the game with kids, you’re own or you’re nephews or steal someone else’s if you can’t find any :joy:

Maybe don’t come on blitz after a loss as it’s ■■■■■■■ depressing.


Tells you a lot though about the depressing specimens carrying on.