Do the bombers ‘spark joy’?

This cant be said enough. The lows make the highs that much better and we without a doubt went through the lowest low a club could have gone through.

Iv been saying this abit but when essendon win their next flag it will dwarf whatever richmond had in 2017. Without a doubt ill be crying like a baby that day.

I love my footy club and my passion runs deep ill never give up on them even when patience is running thin. Its inevitable that we will come good one day.



And I can tell you I know of people there at the beginning of GWS. Western Sydney AFL people(they do exist) firstly ecstatic they finally had a team. Who will be in absolute tears when they have some success.

And thats the bloody giants. An afl created side with a bounty of top young afl footballers handed to them.

I can only imagine how bloody sweet it would have been for old timers seeing the dogs, even the tiges come good again.

Or Geelong. Anyone forget just how much of a perpetual rabble they were pre bomber Thompson?


They spark ■■■■ loads of joy for me at every win.

I was very happy with this year and its promise thinking we would have Joe and Fantasia fit and firing by now.

The ground dog day inability to climb to the next level has me in a maniacal internal rage right now.

How the fsrk ■■■■ clubs like Port get decent so quickly is beyond my ability to comprehend.


Mate I posted this so that I could get some positive perspectives. Getting defensive says more about you than anyone else


The guys I go to the footy with assure me the 70’s were worse than our current malaise.
It must’ve been pretty fkn grim (mercifully I was too young) because this is easily the worst era I can remember.
The AwFuL in general hasn’t given me any joy since the saga, and the Bombers certainly haven’t. We’ve been as boring, unexciting, safe and bland as I’ve seen. The club has really given me (and supporters in general) very little to be joyful about.
The only vaguely “exciting” year was 2016. Since winning was academic, it was all about “the kids” for once - that part was interesting, and those wins were certainly joyous.
Everything since (other than a fleeting pulse in 2018) has been absolutely joyless - one interchangeable season after another.
You can add me to the list of those for whom 2020 is the last time I’ll part with my hard-earned. I’ve paid-up religiously year-in, year-out since 1992 and frankly, I’ve got more important things to do with 500 bucks these days.


Mate I’ve already given you some.

You’re worried about what 500 bucks gets you when it comes to supporting the Dons?

Ehh, I like the sport of Aussie Rules - I go to several non-Essendon games each year (well, pre-COVID).

Win or loss makes little difference to me. Sure a win is nice, but I just enjoy watching us play. There are times we’ll be great, there are times we’ll be awful. All part of the sport.

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The hard thing is that all the other hobbies are banned at the moment.

Sadly…I’m of the opinion that the sport of AFL, as a spectacle, peaked at least 20 years ago. And I expect it to get worse, as I believe there are some fundamental weaknesses in the design of the game. I don’t blame the AFL head office for this. I just feel that the game has passed its peak.

Then there is the overlay of AFL head office meddling. Basically, the last decade has been about long-standing supporters like us, funding an expansion drive, so that clubs with no supporters can get started and taste success and attract non-followers. What a miserable value proposition that is. And just when you thought it was over, they decided that they had to give GC a second massive talent injection to slingshot them to the top of the ladder.

Lastly, being an Essendon supporter has been an unpleasant ride within this environment. The leadership are either not particularly bright, or motivated by marketing purposes more than striving for premiership success. They have lost my faith.

The best thing about football is catching up with my ageing father to watch games. It’s a great reason to get together. If it wasn’t for that, I may have tried to cut my ties to the sport.


It will turn for us one day.

And that day will be a truly great day, a genuine top 5 day of your life day.


I get more joy shitposting here than I do following essendon at the moment.


What a shitpost.

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I used to be a lot more invested. The enjoyment of my weekend was almost solely determined whether we won or lost. Since I’ve had kids and live a much more fulfilled life, the losses don’t get to me like they used to. I wake up, the sun is shining, I’m healthy and have a beautiful family - a poor performance just doesn’t affect me like it used to. I still get the butterflies in the stomach before we play, and I still ride every moment, but the aftermath of a loss isn’t the same as it once was. And when we win it just makes life that little bit better.


My thoughts are that if it’s making you so distracted with unhappiness, put it down for a while, stay off Blitz and recharge.

The saga taught me that. It allowed me to rationalise and to appreciate what I’d witnessed (watching 84, 85 and 93 in the flesh!) and that countless Essendon supporters have never had that. I realised how awesome the bond I have with my father is through the Dons, the trips the Windy Hill, the great players, memories etc. To me that’s so much more valuable than winning and losing. It also made me realise, footy is simply sport. A situation I have no control over apart from using my lungs at a game and yet does that have much effect on a result? Years ago I used to get superstitious, OCD would kick in, these things can be fun, quirky even comforting but I realised how absolutely futile they can be too. I’ve dropped them. Post saga I can get passionate but I also shun that weight off my shoulders that I might’ve carried at a younger age. Bugger it.


The best thing I’ve ever read on Blitz was somebody years ago stating something along the lines of supporting Essendon is like being in an abusive relationship. Not to want to trivialise abuse but I think it rings true that for a long time the love has been 1way. The club definitely take its support for granted.

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Can probably recall 12 really special wins over the last 15 years or so, no finals of course.

The 1970’s were a golden era compared to the last 15 years of crap.
Blethyn a 100 goal season, Moss a Brownlow, the debuts of Madden, Van der Haar, Watson, Neagle, Merrett, Foulds, Terry and Neal Daniher just to name a few. By the late 70’s the Club was about ready to emerge.
Today Essendon offer no hope that anything will change within anyone’s lifetime.


out of curiosity, if joe daniher ever lines up again in an essendon jumper, will you tell him to ■■■■ off ?

I’m old enough to have been a regular at Windy Hill (and other suburban grounds) throughout the 70s and I for one think that this current period is far worse than the 70s.

Maybe it’s because in those days I was young and carefree, hanging out with my mates, chatting up girls and watching a bunch of guys who grew up wanting to play for Essendon.

There were some bad losses along the way but I was always up for the next game whatever the expected result as I had that youthful optimism that things would get better.

And better they got…with the arrival of one Kevin Sheedy.

We all know that story so there’s no need to repeat it…one of sustained success over twenty years before the gradual decline into the mess that has been the last 15 years.

I moved to Perth in the late 80s and the single thing I missed the most was not being able to attend games each week. Eventually I reconciled with that and got used to watching the occasional game on TV.

My daughter arrived in 1996 and over the next few years, she would sit with me and hear me cheering on the Mighty Bombers…she became an Essendon supporter and member and we would go to games at Subiaco when the Bombers were in town. Her interest waned as she hit her teens and it was around that time that I noticed my interest dropping off.

I kept paying my membership, convinced that I was helping my team reach the ultimate goal in some small way.

Then the club changed up the memberships and all of a sudden I was supposed to pay for reserved seats that I would rarely (if ever) use. In protest, I didn’t renew that year…I felt like I was being taken for granted…and didn’t appreciate it one bit.

That was the year the saga broke…and the next year I was back with a bigger, more expensive membership to help out “my club”

But the saga broke me…somewhere in 2014 I was at the doctors for a check up as I had contracted Chronic Fatigue…the doctor knew me and asked if I was following the saga…I told him that I was reading just about everything I could get my hands on…he told me it was probably having a negative impact on my health and to try and stay away from it…I tried, but it wasn’t easy as it was everywhere in the press and friends/acquaintances would always mention it to me.

The decision to suspend the players was the final straw…the game that I loved was gone…and never coming back…it had become all about perceptions and marketing and dollars & cents.

So these days I rarely watch any football (I record our games and watch the replay if we win) and only check the score after I know the game has finished.

I still pay my membership and my daughter has picked up the torch and is way more invested than I am…and that gives me pleasure.

I love coming onto Blitz and feel that I’ve made some genuine friends during my time here. It’s a safe haven from the haters and I know what threads to avoid at certain times (match day threads and post match review threads after a loss).

Most, if not all, of us get down at times and when that happens to me, I think of one of my Tigers supporting mates…37 year between flags but boy, is he lapping up the success now.

Maybe we won’t have to wait that long!